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I didn't sign up for [community profile] multifandomdrabble but I was browsing requests because I like to offer treats and such.

Along with all my new fandom loves, there's old stuff! There's ENTERPRISE! IT'S BEEN SO LONG. I am tempted to see if there's anything left in that old well.

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I'm really not that hard to please. Please write whatever you like. I included specific DNWs for each fandom, because my DNWs really do vary based on the fandom. If it's not in there, go nuts with whatever you want. 

There's a longer list of things I like (though feel free to ignore the DNWs; it was written a while ago) if you want to look at it. If you don't, that's fine, too. Just have fun and do whatever you please. In general, I like all a/us, realistic and crack taken seriously, kink and vanilla, serious and funny.  I like things like a/b/o and kink/consent negotiation (though I certainly don't need negotiation in a fic.)

Here's a little extra about each fandom, but all of them are loved equally even if I talk about one more than the other. 

Pundit RPF (Stephen Colbert impregnates Jon Stewart and/or Marc Maron impregnates Jon Stewart) 

Either of these is fine, but if you want to combine things, that's fine, too!
DNW: Stephen or Jon being homophobic, though if you write "Stephen" instead of Stephen, it's fine to make him have some internalized homophobia. Other DNWs: Scat, Piss Play, Blood Play, Knife Play. I have other DNWs in general, but I'm pretty open on this prompt if this is the one you choose.
In general: My preferences are real Stephen but I enjoy "Stephen" too. If you want to go that route, I'm particularly interested in them as older, post Daily SHow and post Colbert Report men (how does being almost 60 affect their unusual bearings?) But that's not a requirement.
If you're more into the non-con/dub-con/hate sex side of the force... the history that Jon and Marc Maron has fascinates me to no end. If you want to combine things so that Marc impregnates Jon and Stephen is the beloved Stepdad/really cool uncle that's awesome too, but not required.

Additional: I don't care if they are married, divorced, wifeless a/u, etc. Handle that however it makes you happy.  If you want  some reference to the Marc Maron stuff, here you go: Link One ; Link Two ; Link Three; Link Four

I find Marc Maron to be wildly fascinating, and you can make him madly in love with Jon or just go the non-con/hate sex route. Whatever. I don't need him to be an amazing person, though if you want to continue his redemption story, that's cool too.

Saturday Night Live RPF (Seth Meyers impregnantes Stefon)
I recently discovered Stefon/Seth through watching too much Seth Meyers late night talk show appearances. I love them so much! I'm so glad they got a happy ending! And canon babies! You can tell me all about that, in whatever way makes you happy. Or you can go a/u with it. Maybe Seth wandered into New York's hottest nightclub years after letting Stefon go, only to find out it has everything, including a public breeding table where Stefon is happy to play the lead role.

Additional: I feel like repeatedly saying I love them is not helpful, but I adore them and will be happy with whatever you want. Make it as serious or cracktastic as you like. Also, if you want to flip it around so that Stefon impregnates Seth Meyers (he did say they are versatile!) then you should feel free.
She-Ra 1985 (The Ladies of Etheria impregnate Adam.) 

Listen, they all wanted a piece of that (and so did Bow!) And who could blame them. You can include Adora or not but incest is perfectly okay here let me be clear. I'm pretty open here. You can make it consensual or non, forced against their will, fuck or die, Hordack made them do it, whatever. Include the good girls or the bad girls or both. Make it Adam or He-Man, I do not care.

Additional: The very best thing about the original She-Ra was that everyone, regardless of gender, wanted a piece of that pretty pink and purple prince. My favorite interaction is the one with Castaspella, but you should feel free to include/exclude whomever you like.

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Jon Stewart is aging like an avocado/buttermilk mixture left on my grandmother's porch in the middle of July, buuuuuuut he could still get it.
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"How large does the age gap have to be before it's okay to call it pedophilia?" 
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With the current discussion about The Dragon Prince going on ... I am torn.

1. I am really tired of people arguing it's "bury your gays" every single time a queer character dies. I was tired of it for Voltron and tired of it here.

2. Lots of people died in the last season. Lots of people are probably going to continue to die. Bury Your Gays only applies when it's only Queer Characters being targeted. That is not the case here.

3. The same is true about Women in Refrigerators


The same people who wouldn't shut up about Voltron using the trope (they didn't, either) .... are now bending over backwards to justify The Dragon Prince doing the same (supposedly.) 

And that irks me.
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I'm SHOCKED that Neil Kaplan, a man who showed his homophobic ass all over Twitter, could turn out to be a shitty sexual harasser, too. A man who CONSTANTLY talked over lgbtq fans turned out to ignore a woman's clear signs of "no?" GOSH. YOU DON'T SAY.
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Things that will make me never write what you are wanting:

A. "Character A is always trans in fic! Why not Character B!"

B. "Character A is always a bottom in fic! Why not Character B!"

Because none of us are getting paid, Karen, and therefore we write what appeals to us.
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I have an open transformative works policy, and every now and then, I am lucky to have one of my fics made into a podfic! 
This year so far, I have had FOUR of them made into fic! It's awesome.

Charm by Opalsong (DC Comics: Lex Luthor & Tim Drake) 

Certainty by reena_jenkins (Padme/Obi-Wan/Anakin) 

Intently by reena_jenkins (Obi-Wan/Anakin) 

Five Times Quinlan Proposed to Obi-Wan by KeeperofSeeds (Quinlan/Obi-Wan) 

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... Look. Anyone can write whatever they want.

But full out, why would you portray Shiro as a rape-supporting asshole who is cruel to Keith, supports an institution of slavery, and steals babies away from their mothers????

Why does Sheith fandom hate Shiro so goddamn much, holy balls.
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I received two really amazing Yuletide presents~ 

A Little Glimpse, Callum/Soren, The Dragon Prince, Rated T. Soren’s never meant to fall for Callum, especially since the King’s stepson is head-over-heels for Soren’s sister.  But he shows up one day, looking nothing like himself, and Soren doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Fantasy, Adam, He-Man & She-Ra, Rated T. Adam's thoughts on going home.

Both of them are really lovely and capture the feel of the original canons really well! 

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Man, trying to read post-s8 sheith fics when Shiro is my favorite ... is rough.

Case in point.


look. Shiro could full out fuck the entire Garrison, all of the Blades of Marmora, and the entire Galra empire EXCEPT for Keith before going onto kill Krolia/Kolivan/Kosmo, and Keith would never say well, maybe i should have let Shiro die.

Good lord.
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Voice Actor calls queer fans and WOC who are upset with the finale "entitled," whiny, and compares them to 9/11.

Other Voice Actor likes his tweets.

This is the most wild fandom I have ever been in, wow.

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As I've said elsewhere, I'm old and cranky and used to shitty season finales.

I do really love the show and I'm so happy that a reboot of one of my childhood favs was done so well... for seven seasons.

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Fandom: DC Comics
Pairing: Tim/Kon
Prompt: Patience @ drabblesoup
Rating: Explicit
Words: 100
Warnings: Underage, Teen Titans Era
Summary: Kon has plenty of patience, and he's going to prove it.

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Title: Under the Mistletoe
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Bow/Adam
Written for the[community profile] adventdrabbles "Kissing Under the Mistletoe" prompt. Also found on AO3.
Word Count: 200
Summary: The mistletoe isn't native to Eternia. But they have a plant that looks pretty similar.

"We call it 'Mistletoe,'" Adam says, and really, Bow feels like he deserves some sort of reward for catching exactly what Adam says because hello, has anyone even noticed at how beautiful that man is?


"It's beautiful," Bow says, and Adam laughs.

"They are pretty hideous, and 'mistletoe' isn't even their original name. But apparently, they look like a plant native to my mother's planet, so she had them renamed. Queenly privileges."

"Your mother is an alien?" Bow asks, because honestly, that really explains so much about how cool Adora and Adam both are.

"Yes, and so are you," Adam reminds him. "And ... kissing aliens is a tradition in my family. So is kissing underneath the 'mistletoe.'"

Adam points to the plant above, and raises one truly gorgeous eyebrow at Bow. "Would you like to explore some of my family's traditions with me, Bow?"

"Yes!" Bow says, and maybe he says it a little too enthusiastically, because he's sure that he heard Glimmer and Adora laughing at him.

But as Adam leans forward and claims a kiss, Bow forgets those laughs.

"Happy birthday to me," Adam says as he breaks the kiss, and he sounds as smug as Bow feels.

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Shadow of a Smile (Obi-Wan/Luke)

Warnings for Underage (teen Luke/Obviously not Teen Obi-Wan)

Summary: There is much that is harsh in the life of a Jedi. Luke's life isn't an exception.

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It is almost impossible to avoid discussions I don't care about on Twitter without blocking everyone. Which is truly unfortunate because I really hate the Top/Bottom Sheith discourse.

Write what you want! But quit pretending it's important social justice to have them switch or have Shiro be on the bottom. Who cares, goddamn.

Why is it 2001 and we are having top/bottom discourse AGAIN??????????????

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Apparently the Tom Paris Dorm is coming to AO3! 

Y'all don't know, but Tom/Harry/B'Elanna was baby's first OT3 and oh my gosh, I read more prison sex/prison rape/mreg/dubcon featuring Tom Paris than I have with any other character.

The universe is making me relieve all my past fannish exploits lately! At this point, I'm going to be revising Enterprise. :) 

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I've been playing around on Dreamwidth for about an hour and lmao nothing new has appeared on my normally active Tumblr dash.

That is extremely out of the ordinary for Tumblr.

Shooting yourself in the foot is a bad idea, I guess. :) 
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