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Your main fandom of the year?

Marvel. A whole lot of Avengers movie verse and a whole lot of Marvel 616.

Your favorite film you watched this year?

Avengers! Obviously.

Your favorite book read this year?

Do comics count? There is no comicbook question here, so I am allowing comics to count. My favorite comic of this year has been Hawkeye. Dear Matt Fraction, please never stop writing Kate Bishop.

(I should probably read more real books this year. Oh, well.)

Your favorite album or song to listen to this year?

Actually, my cable has a bunch of music "Radio" stations and I've found one that plays nothing but 90s stuff. That has been my favorite, because oh hai there, nostalgia.

Your favorite tv show of the year?


Your best new fandom discovery of the year?


Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?

Finding out that Sam isn't going to play a significant role in the otherwise excellent Post-Brubaker Captain America series. I'm glad that this writer is giving women agency and personalities in a way that Brubaker failed at, but taking Sam away from the supporting cast is a dick move.

Alternately, the huge disappointment that is Hickman's New Avengers. All cocks, all the time. Get out with that shit, Marvel.

Your fandom boyfriend of the year?

Steve Rogers forever and ever. Though I may have been cheating on him with Sam a lot.

(Sam/Steve/Me: OT3 to end all OT3s.)

Your fandom girlfriend of the year?

Joan Watson.

Your biggest squee moment of the year?

Sarah Rogers telling Steve that he always needs to get back up.

The most missed of your old fandoms?

I miss writing Trek fic! Sometimes I miss writing DC fic, but tumblr reminds me every day that DC fandom stared too long into the abyss.

The fandom you haven't tried yet, but want to?

I want to write Elementary fic, but I'm terrified (NEW SHINY JOY SQUEE HOW DO I LIVE UP TO IT???)

Your biggest fan anticipations for the coming year?

Iron Man! Star Trek! Thor! A good year to be a geek!
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A. SO, in case you haven't heard, Hawkeye #2 is AWESOME,  and you should definitely read it. Do you like archers? Then you should read it! Do you like ladies kicking ass and saving male heroes? Then you should buy it! Do you like buddy superhero partnerships? Then you should buy it! Do you think that Allan Heinberg's decision to have Kate quit was spectacularly out of character and utter bullshit? Then you should buy it! It only has two issues so far, and it is worth the six buck investment. You don't need to know a lot about either character to love the series, and I guarantee that the issues will make you love them both. And the dog, too.

B. So I've never felt bad about shipping Kate Bishop with ANYONE, and I never will, but if I had? This happened:

So, if I'd had any guilt, it would be gone. College Age. So... I'll get back to shipping her with whomever I damn well please, thanks, and people who have issues with adults fucking can keep being silly.

C. I finally got around to reading Team 7 #0.

I’ll admit this was a whim of a purchase. The only real draw on this team is Dinah, because I either didn’t know they were in the book (Amanda Waller) or don’t much care about them (everyone else prior to reading this issue.)

So it was a “eh, it’s only 3 bucks, I’ll give it a whirl” purchase.

The basic verdict is that I will spend the same 3 bucks next issue. More ramblings are behind the cut.

Spoilers? Not Really Spoilers, it's been out for a while )
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So beginning in August, Marvel is allowing Matt Fraction to write a Hawkeye series that will feature both Kate and Clint. :) While a lot of very bad things can be said about Fraction's writing (and it will be deserved) he is also responsible for the Young Avengers Presents #6 issue, which features a perfectly in character Clint and a perfectly in character Kate.

(Yes, it was also the start of my silly shipping practices, but even without that, that story understood what the Avengers were about more than anything that has been published since ... oh, Geoff Johns left the title. It's epic and awesome and perfect and flawless.)

Relevant quotes:

Singh revealed that in the new "Hawkeye" series, Kate Bishop will appear as the hero's young apprentice. He pointed readers towards Fraction's "Young Avengers" one-shot as a precursor to the kind of stories they'll see when the monthly hits. "Spider-Woman's not going to like that, though," Cebulski said. (source)

Haha, don't ship tease me like that, Marvel.

“He's got some stuff coming up in [Avengers Vs. X-Men] and afterwards he's in a place where he's gotta figure out what he's doing with himself and why. What moves him, what's meaningful for him.”

Similarly searching for purpose, Kate Bishop, former Young Avenger and the Marvel Universe’s other Hawkeye, will quickly fall in with her namesake.

“She's his junior partner, his apprentice,” says Fraction. “It's a very Avengers relationship—meaning Steed and Peel—and she's as adrift as he is. What the hell are these two doing with their lives? Turns out, helping people is what they have to do to get through the night. In costume, in life, doesn't matter. Good guys don't punch a time card at 5:00.” (source)

So, what you're trying to say is that Clint and Kate are going to be spending their nights together? :)

I need this series in my hands right now.

tl;dr: I am going to be writing so much porn from this, you have no idea.
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This month is an epic comicbook TV month! :) So much happy, so little room.

Young Justice: tl;dr )

Ultimate Spider-Man: tl;dr )

Avengers: EMH: tl;dr )


So my girlfriend got a copy of Avengers vs. X-Men (I wasn't going to read it) and can I just say. Bendis, your fetish for making women define themselves as "broken" was old by the last issue of Alias. Also, Vision, you suck. If everyone is going to be this much of an asshole, this event may out-do Civil War in the terrible department. Speaking of, I like how we are just supposed to forgive everyone for everything terrible they did in Civil War (and there was a LOT of terrible) under their own free will (choosing to obey a shitty law is still acting of your own free will) but lol, we can't forgive Wanda, who was being manipulated.

I think at this point, Winter Soldier may actually be one of the happier Marvel books that I am reading. And there's something wrong with that picture.


March Fic Round-Up:

Tiny month, spent writing challenge fic that hasn't been posted yet. Just two fics:

Of Skating, Tentacle Monsters and Zombies (During the Weekend Zatanna Was Denied Each One of Them) AO3 (Young Justice | Dick Grayson/Roy Harper/Kaldur'ahm/Zatanna Zatara | PG-13 | 1154 words) A six month anniversary is a big deal for them. Unfortunately, their plans are interrupted.

It Began with a Nap (Avengers Movieverse | Darcy/Steve | PG-13 | 6675 words) LJ | AO3 Five times Darcy had to sit through a Captain America lecture, five times Captain America had to sit through a Darcy lecture, and the one time they just agreed with each other.
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1. I was never looking forward to Avengers vs. X-Men, because it is yet another Marvel event that can be boiled down to "LOLZ, WOMEN'S POWERS ARE BAD, THANK GOD FOR MEN!"

But having read the previews, I am now referring to it as "Captain America vs. Scott Summer's Man-Pain." It makes the event vaguely more tolerable.

2. In seriousness, I think they did a better job in ONE PREVIEW of showing both sides to the "conflict" than they did in all of Civil War.

And I mean, one of them is hanging out with Magneto and is pretty much a terrorist. That's pretty bad, Marvel.

I'm still Team Steve, though. #steverogersisbetterthanyouandsoishismanpain.

3. I generally blame Watchmen for 50% of everything that I've hated in comics since it was published. (aka, let's be ashamed of writing real superhero comics and let's be ~ADULT~ about it, ftr, Miller can have the other 50% of the blame.)

So the idea that Watchmen is so ~sacred~ that it can never be touched is pretty hilarious to me.

4. Apparently they are casting for the CW Green Arrow Show

Oh, my.
LOL What? )

5. I continue to roll my eyes at people who have ~indignant~ rage about the DC Reboot. And this quote that I stole from someone on tumblr pretty much shows why:

“It’s like people who have favourite doctor whos and won’t watch any other doctors’ episodes, well that by itself isn’t so bad, it’s the ones who then go on to rant and rave about how x was the true doctor and noone else will ever be as good and blah blah blah blah abloobloobloo”

Tom Baker is my favorite, but I’ll be damned if I don’t love Doctor Who for Doctor Who.

LOL, accurate.  I mean, I've basically been comparing the rabid anti-reboot people to people who think 2009 movie ruined Trek forever, but the Doctor Who thing works even better.

(Yes, I am a judgey bitch, thanks for asking!)

And now we'll end on a positive note with a meme:

Give me a character, and I'll list my five favorite pairings and/or platonic relationships for them.

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End of the Year Fic Masterlist )

Total Word Count: 106,635 words.

Your main fandom of the year? Marvel, by a large margin. Especially if you include the Avengers Movie Verse into the pile. It will probably continue to be a large fandom in the future, despite Marvel's Current EPIC BULLSHIT.

Your favorite film you watched this year? Captain America: The First Avenger! I loved EVERY PERSON IN THAT MOVIE. Even Howard.

Your favorite book read this year?: cero_ate sent me a bunch of silly books to read (uh, about two years ago. I WILL SEND THEM BACK TO YOU SOON CERO) and one of them that I read this year was a fluffy romance novel by the name of "The McKettrick Way," which is ridiculous in the way that all romance novels are, but the woman was pretty great, and I enjoy fluffy romance novels now and then.

Your favorite tv show of the year? It's a tie between Once Upon a Time and Young Justice. Both are great shows and full of kickass women. YJ has some great men, too.

Your best new fandom discovery of the year? Once Upon a Time! :) People, watch this show. Seriously.

Your biggest fandom disappointment of the year?: Hmm. People's continual slut-shaming of Kori and Selina and bashing of any Batgirl that isn't THEIR Batgirl has to go into this category. Pro-tip: If you are relying on sexist attitudes and terminology for your "Social Justice," You are Doing It Wrong.

Your fiction boyfriend of the year?: Quite possibly Barry Allen. Did I mention that his book is fucking perfect?

Your fiction girlfriend of the year?: PROBABLY Peggy Carter. But Kate Kane is a CLOSE second.

Your biggest squee moment of the year?: Probably the DC Reboot. All the TERRIBLE OLD CANON IS GONE. And it's been replaced with very good things.

Your biggest fan anticipations for the coming year? Winter Soldier #1. Brubaker's Captain America is not doing it for me anymore, but I HAVE GREAT FAITH that this will be awesome.  I also anticipate that Whedon will come up with at least 101 ways to fuck up the Avengers, but that's probably not what the question is referring to.

Looking back, did you write more fics than you thought you would this year, less than you thought, or about what you predicted?: Far less! Life's been good on the freelancing front, so I have been too busy to write. Plus, I've been RPing a lot, and that cuts into writing time.

Where did you publish/archive your stories?: LJ and AO3, mostly.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January: LOL, DEFINITELY WALLY/BARRY. I don't even know what's going on there. But "Sacred" and its terribleness is also something I never would predicted.

What’s your favorite story this year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you the happiest. Probably "Letters Never Sent (The Girls, Girls, Girls Remix)." I loved that story a lot. It was so much fun to write and so liberating to build a story for Maria that the movies will never bother to give her (Because hey, giving her a face was too hard.)

Okay, NOW your most popular story. "Sacred." Far and away. The anon comments were ridiculously kind and overwhelming, and it's done well on AO3, too. People really liked that crazy story.

Story most under appreciated by the universe? Eh, I wrote mostly small fandoms so I don't really expect a large turnout.

Story that could have been better?: Probably all of them! But I am happy with the content I produced in 2011.

Sexiest story?: I'm not sure? Probably "Something As Simple As a Scratch."

Most fun story?: "Impersonating Responsible Adults." Neal and Faith in the same story! Fun times.

Story with single sweetest moment?: I think Kate and Cassie celebrating their honeymoon in "Done Well and Adequately" is probably the sweetest. Fuck you and all your bullshit, Marvel.

The story that made you cry?: Oh, God. "A Harsh Breath." Tore me up.

Hardest story to write?: I rewrote my recipient's Yuletide story three times! LOL, so "The Scientific Method" kicked my ass. I was also uncertain about "Letters Never Sent (The Girls, Girls, Girls Remix) because as fun as Remix is, I'm never certain how much change is TOO much change, according to the rules.

Easiest story to write? "Selina Kyle, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.," probably. It was just a fun, crack crossover.

Most overdue story? HAHA, all of my texts from last night stories. Also, tacoma_trauma, I will be finishing your Invaders Orgy story SOON.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them? This year I wrote f/m kink, with a dominant male. This is really triggering for me when I'm reading it, and I wasn't so sure I could write it. But I gave it a shot, it turned out okay, and I didn't have any mental trauma because of it. In fact, it turned out as one of my favorite stories of the year. So. Huge personal chance, but I'm glad I took it.

Do you have any fanfic goals for the New Year? Finish the Big Bangs on my plate! Write some Once Upon a Time fic. Finish those damn Texts from Last Night posts. Come up with a new lj name, because I still hate "pervyficgirl." LOL.

Have as much fun in fandom as I did this year, which was a lot!
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Dear Marvel,

Fuck You.


to everyone in fandom who is "relieved" or "happy" about these developments: i hope all your favorite all-mighty cocks get killed off.
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So it's the 3rd week of the month, and it's my biggest haul. That means I have OPINIONS. But first, a POLL, based on Hal's shenanigans in this week's Justice League:

[Poll #1796357]

And now onto my regularly scheduled opinions:


Blue Beetle )

Catwoman )

Justice League )

Nightwing )

Jason and the Gingers )

Supergirl )

Wonder Woman )

And quick thoughts on Marvel load this week: Avengers & Cap )
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:) I am still writing the Texts From Last Night Meme Drabbles. Unsurprisingly, some of them got away from me and are no longer drabbles. Currently, it is Faith's fault. But while I take a break from Faith having sexy times with Neal Caffrey, I thought I would squee a little about the DC Relaunch.

I've been pretty happy with most of the books I've gotten so far, but this week was particularly awesome.

Supergirl )
Nightwing )

Wonder Woman )

Catwoman )

Birds of Prey )

Red Hood and the Outlaws )

At the end of the day,  I am taking the relaunch as an opportunity to get to know old friends again, and I do not expect them to show up looking the same. Many of them have changed, and in my case, I like most of those changes for the better (and some I don't. I weep for you, Mr. Terrific.)

I am so excited to read the next issues of BOP and Wonder Woman and do you know how long it's been since the last time I could say that?  A long, long time.

One sentence reactions to other things I read this week:

Blue Beetle: I've missed Jaime, but I feel like I've already read the story (probably because I have)
Captain America: I've already read this story 6000000000000 times, Brubaker.
Avengers: Children's Crusade:  To paraphrase Willow Rosenberg: oh, Eli, you really do need every square inch of your ass kicked.

In other news, Young Justice was awesome! New Young Justice, HORRAY! Also, Conner and M'gann are very cute and M'gann haters need every square inch of their asses kicked too.

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"Look, I like gritty. I write gritty. There is a time and a place for gritty. I’ll take my Batman gritty, thank you, and I will acknowledge that such a portrayal means that my 11 year old has to wait before he sees The Dark Knight. But if Hollywood turns out a Superman movie that I can’t take him to? They’ve done something wrong. Superman is many, many things. Gritty he is not, something that Richard Donner certainly understood.

(Pet peeve time: for the contingent out there who sneer at heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman and Captain America, those icons who still, at their core, represent selfless sacrifice for the greater good, and who justify their contempt by saying, oh, it’s so unrealistic, no one would ever be so noble… grow up. Seriously. Cynicism is not maturity, do not mistake the one for the other. If you truly cannot accept a story where someone does the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, that says far more about who you are than these characters.)

This is not an argument of era or audience sophistication. Sophistication does not negate sincerity, nor does it even deny it, as the Captain America movie proves. Sophistication demands better storytelling, clearer motivation, purer intention. “Gritty” is an apologist word in this sense, used in the place of “realism.” We don’t go to the movies for “realism.” This is why documentaries aren’t the major product in the theaters. Sophistication does not demand realism; it demands smart."

- Greg Rucka

Pretty much, yes.

The entire last paragraph, you could take out "movies" and substitute "comics," and you would have my thought process on much of the current storytelling process in comics.

In addition to summing up my feelings on Clark and Diana and Barry this is also a  perfect rebuttal to everyone who thinks Ultimates Steve is anything other than terrible somehow better because he is more "realistic."  :)  It's also why I found Steph's Batgirl such a refreshing breath of air and why I prefer the Young Avengers to the current crop of Teen Titans.

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So, that awesome fic I mentioned on the [livejournal.com profile] capkinkmeme has me looking for more Marvel slave fic. Nothing is really turning up, which makes me a sad panda. Jesus Christ, this is a vanilla fandom. I disapprove! I feel like there should be much more slave fic. 

And you know, there's really only one way to make that happen. Which brings me to a poll...

[Poll #1772472]
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A. So these pics from the Avengers set make me very happy, mostly because spoilers )

B. So, it's been a while since I've talked about the DCU reboot!: Snip )

C. 30 Day Fanfic Meme, Day 4: Snip  )

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Hey, I keep forgetting to actually pimp this on my journal. :)

Link: [livejournal.com profile] capkinkmeme

Description: In celebration of Captain America: The First Avenger's upcoming release, this is a kink meme for all things Cap. Be it movie verse, Marvel 616, Ultimates, animated or crossovers - as long as it features Captain America, it is welcome. Any and all kinks are welcome, as are all pairings/threesomes/moresomes. Gen, m/m slash, f/f slash, het are all welcome.

Rules  | Prompt Post

Go forth and request. And fill. :)

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Recently, [livejournal.com profile] cero_ate and I were discussing the reboot and hoping against DC's lack of logic that it would bring Connor Hawke back, safe, sound and archer-like.

This naturally led us to the discussion of porn I'd like to write, wherein Cero tried to veto all my options for Connor to get laid.

Which brings us to a poll.

[Poll #1762129]


Jul. 15th, 2011 08:11 pm
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People, it is almost Captain America: The First Avenger time! I cannot wait for Peggy Carter and Steve and Bucky and the merry adventures of all three. I expect pretty threesomes, awesome het and fantastic slash. :)  And if none of you write it, I shall write it myself, so do the world a favor and write it instead.

fannish5: Five reasons you loved or hated (or were indifferent to) Harry Potter fandom.

LOL, I don't know? I mean, I don't love it, but I don't think it's as bad as say .. the Supernatural fandom (lol, women get to live in the HP verse!) I have feelings about HP, but eh. I wouldn't say I'm indifferent.

So have 5 of my ~feelings~ about it:

My thoughts, let me show you them )

So, basically, I don't rush out to see the movies and I don't care about the books. I don't think JKR is the best writer in the world, but I don't think she's the worst either. I mock people who are fanatically devoted to her the same way I mock people who are fanatically devoted to Morrison. It's mostly "oh, honey, you could do so much better, but at least it isn't Frank Miller."

But I hope everyone who goes out to watch the movie this weekend has a good time. Watch Cap next weekend instead!


And continuing the trip back in time for the old fannish5 questions:

From 9-5-03:

1. What celebrity would you turn into a complete and utter fangirl/fanboy if you met them in person? Eh, I don't really do celebrity crushes. I am exceedingly fond of Greg Rucka at the present, so I might have to fangirl him, but he's not really a celebrity.

2. What is the MOST fannish thing you have on public display in your home? In your office? LOL, there are lots and lots and lots of comics and lots and lots of Trek DVDs. A few action figures, including one of Aquaman in my bathroom that my baby nieceling left over the last time she came to visit. She thinks he can keep me company in my bath.

I would prefer Namor, for the record.

3. What is the most public space you've read fic? Did anyone notice? LOL, I have read fic at the public library. :) I was greatly scandalized at the time and terrified that someone would notice, but no, nobody ever did.

4. What is your most embarrassing moment when you had to explain something fannish to a mundane? A "mundane"? Is this some fannish code I have been unaware of? I like it.

I once tried to use the Borg as a metaphor in a survey history course that I was teaching. I'm not sure it worked. Some of the blank stares were pretty embarrassing.

5. Name a fannish moment for which you wish you could have a "do over" and fix.

LOL, I regret nothing!

I do kind of regret my LJ name. I picked it on a whim one day and never thought that it would define me for so long. If I could do it over (or justify paying the LJ rename token fee) I would absolutely change it to something less embarrassing. Someday, I probably will, because "pervyficgirl" is a ridiculous name.

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So in a week in which DC gave me Jason Todd as a priest :) Marvel decided to spring this Young Avengers related news:

Spoilers For The End of Avengers: Children's Crusade )

And that concludes the spoiler.


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Fannish 5

May. 6th, 2011 09:36 pm
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 Five least satisfying conclusions (end of a tv series, movie, book - any media.) I'll be fair and just go with endings that were unsatisfying and not endings that caused me endless amounts of RAGE.

Cut for length )

Also, I've been looking at old [community profile] fannish5 and have decided to go back and answer some of them. We'll start at the very beginning! From 8/15/2003: (apparently, they had a different format back then! Five questions for each day, which is weird!)

Question #1: What are your top five LEAST favorite television characters? )

Question #2: Who are the best Superheros? )

Question #3: What are the five slashiest movies (it doesn't matter if the film is any good or not)? )

Question #4: What are your favorite pairings (slash, het or multiples, doesn't matter)? )

Question #5: Who are your favorite character actor/actresses? )

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