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This is my 1,000 post on LJ. 
Also, I recently finished my bingo for kink bingo. I feel there should be celebration! And since I actually finished a bingo, I figure I can feel less guilty about doing a drabble meme, even if I do still have 6 billion other things to write and [livejournal.com profile] heroines_fest schedule to contemplate.

The You Haven't Gotten Rid of Me Yet Jack in the Box Surprise Meme

Rules of the Roost, which I stole and altered from [livejournal.com profile] ms_duck :

1 - Do not make requests, I will do my best to write you a drabble you'd like on my own. :) All you have to do is pop in and make a comment.

2. -  You just get one request this round. Maybe more for the next celebration meme. :)

EDIT: Need to take a time out for bedtimes. Will finish rest of drabbles tomorrow! Ficcish times are here again.

And this round of Jack in the Box Surprise is over. Thanks to everyone for playing!

Finished Ficlets:
What We Deserve (Nightwing, Flamebird/Robin), PG
Changes, Beast Boy/Robin, PG
Bad Boys, Bucky/Eli, PG
Check, Diana/Steve&Bruce/Clark, PG
Charm, Lex & Tim, G
Moving In, Cissie/Tim/Kon, PG-13
The Mighty Have Fallen, Jason/Connor, PG-13
An Afternoon in Timmy Nolan Park, White Collar: Mozzie/Jones, PG
Also Pretty Okay, Steve/Tony DC/Marvel Crossover, PG-13
Kind of Majorly Kicked Ass, Vanessa/Jason, PG-13
From the Best, Cass+ Jason, PG
Smile, Tim/Kon, PG-13
Contentment, Rose/Tim, PG-13
Fair, Dick/Slade, R WARNING: NON-CON.
People Skills, Bruce/Selina, Helena, PG
Favorites, Mia/Jason, PG
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Title: And The Boys Were All Planning For a Fall
Fandom:  Marvel Comics 
Pairing:  Scott Lang/Jack of Hearts
Word Count: ~500
Rating: Mature 
Prompt: Written for comment_fic and for the  019. White prompt at fanfic100
Summary: Jack comes back after saving Cassie. That doesn't mean they get a happy ending. 

And The Boys Were All Planning For a Fall  )

Title: The Waters Around You Have Grown
Fandom:  Marvel Comics 
Pairing:  Bucky Barnes/Eli Bradley
Rating: Explicit
Prompt: Written for comment_fic and for the 065. Passing  prompt at fanfic100
Summary: Bucky and Eli mess up Steve's couch.

The Waters Around You Have Grown )

This entry was also posted @DW here. I welcome comments anywhere you feel comfortable leaving them.
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Title: Scratches
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Wordcount: 700
Rating: Mature
Pairing(s): Elektra/Natasha
Prompt(s): "medical kink" @ [community profile] kink_bingo
Notes: Takes place in the presumed future of the current Black Widow series.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Natasha and Elektra patch things up.

Scratches )

This entry was also posted @DW here. I welcome comments anywhere you feel comfortable leaving them.
zarabithia: (kate: for hawkeye)
Title: Screwing the Time Line and Gaining a Dozen Lilacs (Or Perhaps Three)
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Word Count: 1924
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Kate Bishop/Clint Barton/Bucky Barnes. Gratuitous Hank Pym appearance.
Warnings: N/A. All sexual content is consensual and between adults.
Prompt(s): double penetration @ [community profile] kink_bingo
Disclaimer: Still not mine. Drat.
Summary: Clint and Kate get thrown back in time and encounter Bucky during World War II.

Screwing the Time Line and Gaining a Dozen Lilacs (Or Perhaps Three) )

This entry was also posted @DW here. I welcome comments anywhere you feel comfortable leaving them.
zarabithia: (pride)
Title: Louder Than a Whisper
Rating: R
Fandom: Marvel Comics (Captain America)
Word count: 9282
Characters: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes. Secondary pairings and characters include Steve/Sam, Sam/Sharon, Steve/Sharon, Steve/Bernie, Bucky/Natasha, Clint, Wanda, Pietro, and Hank McCoy.
Prompt: 2017. Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, Bucky is comfortable keeping their relationship a secret, just like they did during the War. But Steve increasingly wants to come out and lend Captain America's support of the struggles that he sees. How do they reconcile their views while still keeping their relationship together?
Notes: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cero_ate and [livejournal.com profile] shiny_glor_chan for listening to me complain about this story for three weeks and serving as betas and sounding boards. The title of the fic comes from this interview, which drastically changed the end of this story.
Disclaimer: I own no one here.
Summary: It's not as though the situation is new to Steve or Bucky.

Louder Than a Whisper )

This entry was also posted @DW here. I welcome comments anywhere you feel comfortable leaving them.
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Title: Distinction
Word Count: 794
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Eli Bradley
Prompt: Comment_Fic, Bucky/Eli, loss & 030: Death @ fanfic100
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Losing his grandfather is hard. But by the time Eli reaches the acceptance stage of grief, he's ready to accept another change in his life.

Distinction )

This entry was also posted @DW here. I welcome comments anywhere you feel comfortable leaving them.
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Two fics I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] merry_marvels Links take you to the community, because I am too lazy to repost them. :)

Title: Unpacking
Prompt: Reunions, Remembrances and Devotions
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1070
Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes. References to Steve/Bucky and Sharon/Steve
Summary: Following Siege, Steve and Bucky move into a new place.

Title: Crunchy And Without Jelly (Or Chocolate)
Prompt: "Why is there peanut butter on my shield??"
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1400
Characters: Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff
Summary: Really, what's a day in the life of the Avengers without a little in-fighting and utter misuse of food?
zarabithia: (bucky)
Title: Tragic Character Flaws and Other Adventures in Shower Stalls
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Characters: Kate Bishop/Bucky Barnes
Prompt: backrubs in the shower @ comment_fic and insides @ fanfic100
Word Count: 733
Rating: PG-13
Summary: At the end of a hard battle, Bucky and Kate have some shower fun.
Author's Notes: Continuity is sometime in the future.

Tragic Character Flaws and Other Adventures in Shower Stalls )
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A. Hey, do you remember Masters and Slaves Verse? If you liked it, you should go read [livejournal.com profile] shiny_glor_chan's continuation, Birthday Surprise, that introduces Stephanie into that world. Pay attention to the warnings, but if you read M&S verse, you already know what they are.

B. You know, when people complain about Kate/Bucky and Kate/Clint? It just makes me want to write more of both ships. And when people whine like Kate's vagina should belong ONLY to Eli, it makes me want to write Kate and Eli with everyone else in the Marvel Universe but each other.  Eli is made of win and should be in more fic, but Kate doesn't belong to him, for fuck's sake.

C. So, I have a Dreamwidth account. I am not going to become one of the ridiculous DW evangelist types (DW IS A UTOPIA AND ONLY DW CARES ABOUT ITS CONSUMERS! LJ doesn't care about diversity! I can't stand to read fic on LJ's platform anymore!!), but I will probably be crossposting. I really don't care where anyone makes comments. I still prefer LJ. I consider DW an inferior clone and will stay at LJ as long as it lasts, but with all the down time lately, I am just getting afraid that LJ is dying down. :/  *clings to it.* Anyway, if you are using it, feel free to let me know.

D. I also have a tumblr, where I spam people with Robin pictures and scans. :)


E. [livejournal.com profile] fannish5 - What are your five favorite sibling relationships?

Quick answers )

F. A meme!

Icon Meme From a_trill )
zarabithia: (bobbi)
Title: Reaffirm
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Characters: Bobbi Morse/Clint Barton
Prompt: 071, broken @ [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100
Word Count: 406
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A lot has changed for Bobbi and Clint, but some things remain the same.
Warnings: References to New Avengers Annual and the implied physical/mental/sexual assault.
Author's Notes: This borrows more from New Avengers: Reunion canon, some of which contradicts Bendis' happier canon. Written for day # 29 of WHM .

Reaffirm  )

Title: Curious
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Characters: Bobbi Morse/Clint Barton/Steve Rogers
Prompt: 076, Who? @ [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100
Word Count: 406
Rating: R
Summary: It's not the first time they've had the threesome discussion, but it is the first time they've taken it seriously.
Author's Notes: References events in Black Widow: Deadly Origin. This is the story the first drabblet was supposed to be, before it dove into angstville. Written for day # 29 of WHM.

Curious  )
zarabithia: (kate and bucky)
Title: Dirty Dishes
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Disclaimer: Not mine
Characters: Kate Bishop/Bucky Barnes
Prompt: Bucky brought the Young Avengers into the New Avengers during Dark Reign. @ [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic
Word Count: 1057
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: Written for day #18 of Women's History Month. Again posted late, but it is still Thursday in at least three time zones.

Summary: What is war good for? Apparently, it's good for making you want to punch your teammates and giving your first dates over a sink full of dirty dishes. Kate adjusts to the second better than she does to the first.

Dirty Dishes )
zarabithia: (kate: for hawkeye)
Title: Absurd Tickling
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Characters: Kate Bishop/Clint Barton, Bobbi, Eli and Billy.
Prompt: "Years" @ fanfic100
Word Count: 3082
Rating: R
Author's Notes: Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] cero_ate for betaing, cheerleading, having conversations about what superheroes have to eat and reminding me how sweaters are made. :) All remaining faults are my own, of course.

Summary: Two years into her future, many things are different for Kate. But some things remain constant.

Absurd Tickling )
zarabithia: (maryjane)
Title: Unlike An Awkward Purse
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Characters: Mary Jane Watson/Gwen Stacy
Word Count: 1301
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: Written for Women's History Month. Also written because Mary Jane the dancer was quite obviously flirting with Gwen in canon.

Summary: After a night of dancing, Mary Jane's feet hurt. Gwen helps her out with that problem, and MJ gives her own version of a thank you in return.

Unlike An Awkward Purse  )
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Title: So, It's All Right

Authors: [livejournal.com profile] cero_ate and [livejournal.com profile] pervyficgirl

Fandom: 616 Marvel/ MC2 Marvel

Disclaimer: Not ours.

Characters: Rikki Barnes, May "Mayday" Parker. References to Rikki/May, Kate/Eli, and Kate/Eli/Rikki.

Word Count: 4106

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Five times Rikki and May helped each other deal with the fact that their shared new universe can suck a little.

Author's Notes: Takes place post-Siege, so there are some spoilers/speculation about the Avengers teams, all of which is likely to be Jossed by canon.

So, It's All Right  )
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Title: Pretend I Can't Imagine The Details

Fandom: Marvel

Disclaimer: Not Mine.

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes. Implied Steve/Bucky.

Prompt: "Breakfast" @ [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100

Word Count: 1348

Rating: PG-13

Summary: When Steve comes back, Bucky is a little more possessive than he thought he'd be.

Warnings No traditional content warnings apply. Spoilers for Reborn.

Author's Notes: Bucky has a lot of issues, as being brain-washed into being an assassin will do for you, and his feelings towards various Avengers do not reflect mine. Nor do mine reflect his.

Pretend I Can't Imagine The Details  )
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Title:  There, There is The Torment

Fandom: Marvel

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Characters: Steve Rogers/Clint Barton. Past Steve/Sharon and Bobbi/Clint mentioned.  

Prompt: Lovers

Word Count: 445

Rating: R

Summary: Clint welcomes Steve back. Steve reciprocates.

Author's Notes: Originally inspired by a prompt at comment_fic. Cleaned up, elongated, and reworked for fanfic100. Vague spoilers for current events in Avengers titles.

There, There is The Torment  )
zarabithia: (avengers)
Title: When They Were Young
Disclaimer: Not mine
Characters: Steve Rogers, Eli Bradley, Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang/Jonas, Hank Pym, Bucky Barnes, Rikki Barnes, Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman, Wanda Maximoff, Tony Stark, Tommy Shepherd
Prompt: Children
Word Count: 800
Rating: PG
Summary: Everyone grows old, eventually, including heroes. The Young Avenges never forget their roots.
Author's Notes: Spoilers for current events in Captain America and Iron Man comics, albeit twisted sideways. Originally inspired by a gorgeous prompt at comment fic. Cleaned up, polished, elongated, and fixed for the appropriate [livejournal.com profile] fanfic100 prompt.

When They Were Young )
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So, for [livejournal.com profile] heroines_fest, some poor unfortunate soul got stuck with my prompts. I feel sorry for her, let me tell you. ;) But she asked for scans to better get to know some of the characters she's not familiar with, and I figured it was the least I could do.  Trying to sum up Wanda's history in one post, however, hurt my head. So instead, I decided to focus on Kate Bishop, because a.) simpler b.) been around less c.) Kate is pretty much my favorite.

By "favorite," I mean that I genuinely can't decide whether I love Kate more or less than Black Canary and Wonder Woman. When I think of superheroines I adore, Kate hangs out and shares that top spot with both Diana and Dinah. I adore her that much. And I trust everyone already knows that being in that company says all sorts of awesome things about her already.

How do I love thee, Kate, let me count the ways:

(Warning: Kate's background story includes rape and that is discussed. Please proceed with caution if you have triggers.)

This was supposed to be a Top Ten List. I failed. )

Um. I fail at top ten lists!  Dammit, my love for Kate cannot be constrained to a measly ten!

I hope that was helpful, poor unfortunate person who got stuck with my prompts! LOL.

And hey, have a bonus "Why I love the other Hawkeye":

Okay, just one reason )

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Title:  A Public Affair

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I'm not the one who originally put them in corsets together.

Characters: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 592

Prompt: don't ask, don't tell @ [livejournal.com profile] cliche_bingo

Summary:  Being undercover gives Steve and Bucky the chance to share something soldiers in World War II normally couldn't.

A Public Affair  )
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Title: Until We Ourselves are Ghosts

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Characters: Scott Lang, Cassie Lang. The rest of the Young Avengers mentioned.

Word Count: 804

Prompt: "first person narration" @ [livejournal.com profile] cliche_bingo

Warnings: Canon character death. Spoilers for everything Avengers-related since Scott's death.

Summary: Five times the ghost of Scott Lang was proud of his daughter after his death.

Until We Ourselves are Ghosts  )


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