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Fantasies (924 words) by faviconzarabithia
Fandom: The Avengers (2012), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe, Captain America (2011)
Rating: Mature
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Notes: Written for a tumblr meme for countlessuntruths for the prompt of "shoulder rubs." Also fits hurt/comfort bingo prompt "hiding an injury / illness."
Relationships: Phil Coulson/Steve Rogers
Characters: Phil Coulson, Steve Rogers
Summary: Phil has a bad day at work, but it's Steve who needs the comfort.

On the Moon or Otherwise (627 words) by faviconzarabithia
Fandom: Captain America (Comics), Marvel 616
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sharon Carter/Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanova/Sam Wilson
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Sharon Carter, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanova, Sam Wilson, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Nick Fury
Notes: Written for becauseforoncethisisme for a tumblr meme for the prompt of "winter wonderland."
Summary: They weren't going to have children. But plans change.

Harpy Eggs and Apple Cider (706 words) by faviconzarabithia
Fandom: DCU, DCU - Comicverse, Wonder Woman (Comics), Superman (Comics), Justice League of America (Comics)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Diana (Wonder Woman)/Clark Kent
Characters: Diana (Wonder Woman), Clark Kent
Notes: Written for roserelease for a tumblr meme, prompt: "a crisp autumn walk through the park" and the prompt "cold" at DCU Freeforall.
Summary: Diana and Clark go for a walk in the park.
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Day Twenty-Seven: A female character you have extensive personal canon for

Hmm. I have a lot of personal canon that has no other purpose than to completely erase the bits of canon that I do not care for. :) But I feel like maybe that's not what this question is aiming for. So in terms of personal canon that fills in the gaps instead of taking a magical eraser to the bad parts, I have to go with Sarah Rogers. We know very little about her, other than she was the most important influence of Steve's life,that she encouraged his art geek ways, and that she died young. Oh, and just probably that she liked baseball a lot. :)

But there's such a story there, waiting to be told about that woman. The kind of morals she must have had, the kind of beliefs she must have shared, the kind of strength she must have possessed -  all those things must be true in order for Steve to have turned out the way he did. And they all exist inside my head. :)

Day Twenty-Eight: Favorite female writer (television, books, movies, etc.)

Marjorie Liu is to comics what everyone tries to pretend Gail Simone is, in terms of awesome female characters. Except without the gratuitous slut shaming and bizarre ignoring of characters' histories that Simone does.

The very best example of Liu's awesome will always be Black Widow, for the 6 issues she was on it. Her Natasha was utterly fantastic and smart and so much more than the fetish fuel many of Natasha’s male writers have made her over the years. Liu’s Natasha was complicated and cunning, and fought against Elektra just hours after her stomach had been sliced open. Yet, there was still mutual respect there, between them, so it wasn’t cat-fighty, the way many female-female fights in comics tend to go.  It made me want a Liu-written Elektra series, to be honest. And also, a Liu-written Birds of Prey. I really, really would kill for a Liu written Birds of Prey. It would be the best of all things ever.

And while Black Widow was my introduction to Liu’s awesomeness, she’s also written other stuff. From her website: “Hi. I write books about women warriors covered in demonic tattoos, and men who can shape-shift into tigers. If a merman or gargoyle shows up, all the better! I also write comics for Marvel. To learn more about me, please visit www.marjoriemliu.com.”

Day Twenty-Nine: A female-centric fic rec

Just one? LOL. Have five:

Silence {Young Justice | M'Gann | G} Megan is given a great deal of advice on how to deal with Wally. All it does is remind her of the fact that nobody on Earth speaks like she does, and that her body is not her own.

The Many Waves of Princess Ariel { Little Mermaid | Ariel/many | NC-17} "But Ariel knew there were many kinds of waves. There were small trickling ones that kept marching one after another; there were ones that slammed against the rocks of the shore as if in fury; there were ones that came unexpectedly and forced you under, tumbling and bruising you before spitting you back to the surface; there were ones you didn’t see as much as feel, ones that moved below the surface with a will. And she wanted to dip her newfound feet in every one of them."

That Old Game {She-Ra | Adora/Catra | R}  Catra takes a captive. Adora finds something that was lost.

Two Birds in a Bar { Harry Potter/DC Comics |  Tim Drake & Minerva McGonagall | PG} "At least that's a proper boy's name. Not like that Bat fellow."

Threads That Are Golden Don't Break Easy {Torchwood/Narnia | Susan & Jack & everyone | PG-13}  Susan meets Captain Harkness at various points in her life. Redeems Susan and melds awesome with Torchwood. 

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This is my 1,000 post on LJ. 
Also, I recently finished my bingo for kink bingo. I feel there should be celebration! And since I actually finished a bingo, I figure I can feel less guilty about doing a drabble meme, even if I do still have 6 billion other things to write and [livejournal.com profile] heroines_fest schedule to contemplate.

The You Haven't Gotten Rid of Me Yet Jack in the Box Surprise Meme

Rules of the Roost, which I stole and altered from [livejournal.com profile] ms_duck :

1 - Do not make requests, I will do my best to write you a drabble you'd like on my own. :) All you have to do is pop in and make a comment.

2. -  You just get one request this round. Maybe more for the next celebration meme. :)

EDIT: Need to take a time out for bedtimes. Will finish rest of drabbles tomorrow! Ficcish times are here again.

And this round of Jack in the Box Surprise is over. Thanks to everyone for playing!

Finished Ficlets:
What We Deserve (Nightwing, Flamebird/Robin), PG
Changes, Beast Boy/Robin, PG
Bad Boys, Bucky/Eli, PG
Check, Diana/Steve&Bruce/Clark, PG
Charm, Lex & Tim, G
Moving In, Cissie/Tim/Kon, PG-13
The Mighty Have Fallen, Jason/Connor, PG-13
An Afternoon in Timmy Nolan Park, White Collar: Mozzie/Jones, PG
Also Pretty Okay, Steve/Tony DC/Marvel Crossover, PG-13
Kind of Majorly Kicked Ass, Vanessa/Jason, PG-13
From the Best, Cass+ Jason, PG
Smile, Tim/Kon, PG-13
Contentment, Rose/Tim, PG-13
Fair, Dick/Slade, R WARNING: NON-CON.
People Skills, Bruce/Selina, Helena, PG
Favorites, Mia/Jason, PG
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Title: Interest Screams Aloud
Fandom: DC Comics
Word Count: 1700
Rating: Explicit
Characters: Jason/Talia, Jason/Tim
Warning(s): (highlight to reveal) Mind-fuckery, misuse of police power and sexual manipulation. Brief mention of consensual bondage.
Prompt(s): Other: Police @ [livejournal.com profile] au_bingo
Notes: Happy very belated birthday, [livejournal.com profile] shiny_glor_chan!
Summary: Sex is part of the benefits package of being one of Gotham's finest.

Interest Screams Aloud )

This entry was also posted @DW here. I welcome comments anywhere you feel comfortable leaving them.
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I finished the Poetry Meme Ficlets (will be onto The One Where Meme shortly)!

It's Worth All That's Lost, (Dick/Roy), PG-13
When You Sleep You Remind Me Of The Dead (Jason/Tim), PG-13
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Bruce/Clark), PG-13
Hath Left Me Broken-Hearted (Selina/Bruce), R
And Sore Must Be The Storm (Jason), PG-13
Cause I'm Drifting Away (Jason/Tim), PG-13
Open the Lock (Tim/Kon), PG-13

Not Comics
Holding Back, and Trying Not To Fall (Jack Harkness/Neal Caffrey, Amy Pond/Eleven), R
Loving Up On Me (Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey), PG-13
Lonely Street (Gibbs/Fornell), PG-13
Be A Stronger Man (Ziva, Tony), PG-13


Dear world, My love letter to Doctor Who )

This entry was also posted @DW here. I welcome comments anywhere you feel comfortable leaving them.
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Title: It's a Legacy Thing
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Characters: Kate Bishop/Stephanie Brown
Prompt:comment fic
Word Count: 535
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Steph takes Kate to the secret Batgirl hideout.

It's a Legacy Thing )

Title: Stolen From Us
Disclaimer: Not mine
Characters: Kate Bishop/Mia Dearden, Lian Harper, Billy/Teddy, Eli, Tommy. Vague reference to Bucky/Eli.
Prompt: comment fic again.
Word Count: 608
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sometimes, you have to make your own family, when the universe takes yours away.

Stolen From Us )

Title: In the General Direction of the Sky
Disclaimer: Still not mine.
Characters: Kara Zor-El/Kate Bishop, Kon/Tim, Clark, Martha Kent, Cassie. References Kate/Clint because it is the OTP of my heart.
Prompt: comment fic again. They had some awesome prompts this week. :)
Word Count: 442
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Six months after being dumped in the DCU, picnics are easier to enjoy that Kate would have imagined.

In the General Direction of the Sky  )

This entry was also posted @DW here. I welcome comments anywhere you feel comfortable leaving them.
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Title: Butterfly Bandage Over A Gaping Chest Wound
Fandom: DC Comics
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Characters: Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake
Word Count: 930
Rating: PG-13
Summary: She hadn't really meant for the commentary on his wound to sound so much like a commentary on their relationship, but it had slipped out that way, regardless. At least to her ears.
Author's Notes: Takes place some time after most recent issues of Red Robin and Batgirl. Written because [livejournal.com profile] shiny_glor_chan wanted some Stephanie/Tim hurt/comfort. This is as close as I could get. :/

Butterfly Bandage Over A Gaping Chest Wound  )
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Title: A Recognition of Who She Is
Fandom: DC Comics
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Characters: Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake/Dick Grayson
Prompt: "perspective" @ [livejournal.com profile] lover100
Word Count: 493
Rating: Mature
Author's Notes: In my mind, this takes place in a world that doesn't include Cry For Justice, because the idea that anyone in the DCU Dick could be happy after that storyline makes me nauseous. But it is a small ficlet, and you are certainly welcome to interpret it differently. Regardless, it is set sometime following the latest issues of Red Robin and Batgirl. Written, of course, for Women's History Month.

Summary: Their relationship means different things to each of them.

A Recognition of Who She Is  )
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Yes, It Really Is An Evil Plague Like Locusts | Rated: PG-13
[DCU: Jason Todd/Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Dick Grayson, Barbara Gordon: 700 words]
Summary: Jason reacts to the casting news.

Author's Note: This was written as a present for [livejournal.com profile] shiny_glor_chan, who earned it for being far nicer than some people deserve.

In fairness, Jason had been having a completely spectacular day, before the casting news ruined it. )
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Title: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Fandom: DC/Marvel

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Characters: Clint Barton/Tim Drake

Prompt: [livejournal.com profile] darthbatgirl asked for Clint/Tim, "not just another pretty face."

Word Count: 700 (almost a drabble!)

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Batman decides Tim needs some additional training. Arsenal's kid is sick. Naturally, Hawkeye is the next best choice.

Warnings: Mm. Tim's age is below 18 in this fic, but no actual sex is taking place.

Author's Notes: So, the JLA/Avengers comic had a scene where the Marvel and DCU were split into "Earth 1" and "Earth 2." I thought it was cute and have borrowed that concept and altered it to include the Modern Age, instead of keeping it with only Silver Age characters.

More Than Just a Pretty Face )
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Title: Before He Remembers That He Doesn't Care

Fandom: DC/Marvel

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Characters: Bucky Barnes/Tim Drake. References: Kon/Tim, Bucky/Natasha, Tim/Dick.

Prompt: [livejournal.com profile] ms_duck asked for Bucky/Tim for the ten drabbles meme.

Word Count: 1704 (one of these drabbles is actually going to be a drabble, dammit)

Rating: R

Author's Notes: So, the JLA/Avengers comic had a scene where the Marvel and DCU were split into "Earth 1" and "Earth 2." I thought it was cute and have borrowed that concept and altered it to include the Modern Age, instead of keeping it with only Silver Age characters.  Takes place approximately 1 year ahead of future canon at both Marvel and DC.

Summary: A year of searching for Bruce makes Tim have to go even further away to search for someone to be his partner.

Before He Remembers That He Doesn't Care )
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Title: Oral Health, Allies and Other Definitions That Can Change in a Month

Fandom: DCU

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Characters: Jason Todd/Tim Drake. Brief mention of Barbara/Ted.

Prompt: [livejournal.com profile] shiny_glor_chan asked for Jason/Tim in the ten drabbles meme.

Word Count: 1280 (what is this "drabble" of which you speak?)

Rating: R

Summary: Along the trip across the multi-verse, Jason finds a world without Batman. He decides to stay.

Oral Health, Allies and Other Definitions That Can Change in a Month )
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Title: Cut Too Deeply
Fandom: DC
Disclaimer: Not mine
Characters: Tim/Jason
Word Count: ~ 700
Rating: R
Warnings:: Some light bondage, of a sort, is mentioned.
Summary: Jason regrets slitting the baby bird's throat, but he can't regret giving him the scar.

Cut Too Deeply )
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Title: Trust Building Exercises
Fandom: DC
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Characters: Tim/various Titans.
Prompt: Comics Anon Sexing Meme
Word Count: 630
Rating: R
Summary: Tim tells Nightwing that he is having trouble making the new Titans work together. Nightwing has a solution.

Trust Building Exercises )
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Showing Thanks | NC-17 | Lex Luthor/Tim Drake, Dick/Tim, Kon/Tim | 608 words
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Prompt: This comment_fic prompt.
Summary: Without Lex, Tim never would have found Batman. Tim shows his gratitude.
Warnings Dub-con. Luthor being a bastard. Very a/u.

Showing Thanks )

But What of Tim? | PG-13 | Tim Drake, Bruce Wayne | 543 words
Not mine.
Prompt: "For Dick it was lust. For Jason, wrath. But what of Tim?" @ [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic
Summary: Tim can feel his sanity slipping.
Warnings: Vague spoilers for Red Robin.

But What of Tim? )


Nov. 8th, 2009 05:16 pm
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1. This post is kind of fantastic. I mostly think it's fantastic because I like to play a little game called "If this character was male, would they be more popular?" when I read comics. It is second only to my game of "If this character were a woman, people would hate them."

My favorite characters to do this with are:

*snip for bitchery* )

2. People should leave prompts for [livejournal.com profile] smallfandomfest. You don't have to write a fic if you leave a prompt. The guide for what qualifies as a small fandom is slightly more sane than Yuletide's very nebulous standards, and most comic book fandoms qualify.

3. Cero and I have a big bang due tomorrow. It is 106 pages. 106 pages of edits. I weep. (yes, others have longer big bangs. I'm weeping about my 106 pages. ;) )

4. Meme time.

01: What got you into this fandom in the first place?
02: Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
03: Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?
04: Do you participate in this fandom (fanfiction, graphics, discussions)?
05: Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

[livejournal.com profile] a_trill gave me NCIS, Star Trek, and DC:

*snip* )

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Title: Promises Kept

Fandom: DCU

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Characters: Dick, Jason, Tim. Cameos by Stephanie, Cassandra Cain, and Rose Wilson. References to Cass/Steph/Tim and Dick/Kory.

Prompt: "outerspace" @ [livejournal.com profile] au_abc

Word Count:

Rating: PG-13

Summary: With Gotham in decline, Dick, Jason and Tim take care of each other.

Warnings: References to prostitution.

Promises Kept )
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Title: Stares Back at You

Not mine. I really wouldn't do this to them if they were.

Dick. Dick paired with everyone, including Babs, Bruce, Slade, Ollie, Arthur, Roy, Garth, Wally, Barry, Poison Ivy. Also includes Jason/Bruce and corruptions of every single DCU mentor/sidekick pairing that you likely hold near and dear to your heart.

: [livejournal.com profile] coldfiredragon wanted something dark with Dick for her birthday. I did my best to grant that wish. Happy very belated birthday, [livejournal.com profile] coldfiredragon.

Word Count:


It all began with the circus, and ended with his own mansion. That much was true. The rest of the story? Not so much.

Author's Notes/Warnings Rape, Child Abuse, Child Rape, Incest are all mentioned. Very a/u. This is not my view of the Justice League or any of the members.

Stares Back At You )
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Pretty Little Caged Bird | Tim/Lex | 284 words | PG-13: dub-con
Summary: It's not like Tim has any choice.

Pretty Little Caged Bird  )

Lame Villain and Pretty Capes | Kate Bishop/Stephanie Brown | 325 words | PG
Summary:  Kate stops long enough to help Steph out on a case.

Lame Villain and Pretty Capes )

No One Stays Dead Around Here | Jason, Kyle | 178 words | R: character death
Summary: The last person Kyle wants around while he's dying is Jason.

No One Stays Dead Around Here  )

Can You Make Them Gay? | Tim/Kon | 140 words | PG-13
Summary: Kon and Bart have a chat.

Can You Make Them Gay? )

Without Blame | Jason/Kory | 168 words | PG-13
Summary: A/U: What if Dick died saving Jason's life?

Without Blame )

Love the Person You Hate | Tim/Jason | 150 words | PG-13
Summary: Bruce's return causes  Tim to sleep with Jason. Ignores everything that has happened in Batman and Robin.

Love the Person You Hate )

Welcome Back | Babs/Jason | 359 words | PG-13
Summary: An A/U of Jason's return.

Welcome Back )
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Title: Kitty Verse Epilogue

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Not mine

Characters: Dick/Roy/Tim

Word Count: 900

Prompt: Zoomorph @ au_abc

Previously: Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2  | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8

Summary: One year later, Tim, Dick, and Roy adjust.

Epilogue )


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