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Title: To Thanks, to Joy, to Gratitude

Fandom: Young Justice Animated

Word Count: 2148 words

Rating: Explicit

Trigger Warnings: Underage & Incest & Mentor/Sidekick

Characters: Barry Allen/Wally West, Iris West-Allen, Jay Garrick, Joan Garrick

Written for this prompt at the [livejournal.com profile] yj_anon_meme and fulfills the "conceal" prompt at [livejournal.com profile] dcu_freeforall.

Disclaimer:  I condone the actions in this fic about as much as Stephen King condones serial-killing clowns.

Summary: While they wait for the turkey to finish on Thanksgiving, Barry and Wally share a moment away from the rest of the family.

Alternate Link: You can also read it on AO3, if you prefer.

To Thanks, to Joy, to Gratitude  )


Aug. 24th, 2011 07:14 pm
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So today I was working on my [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang and took a well-deserved break. I said to myself, "Self, you deserve to read some fic." So I did. And oh, wow, did I regret it. Because I ran into a part of fandom that I have never understood:

Bashing fic.

Now, look, we all know that there are characters who I don't like very much. I frequently bitch about them and their actions on LJ/DW/tumblr, etc.  There are a lot of characters I don't like. I'm sure most of fandom can guess who they are.

And you know what? When I think someone is an asshole or that a pairing sucks ... I just don't write about them. Instead, I write about pairings and characters I do like!

Why is this so hard?

People cry and cry about Mary Sue fics, but I think someone who writes a Mary Sue fic is 100x more mature than the asshole who writes a bashing fic.

On a very related note, some awesome panels from Kid Flash Lost, let me show you them:

THIS is how you write a superhero family )

I haven't liked Bart much since they brought him back, but this made me love him all over again. :)  This is the Bart I remember and love. And he's awesome and fantastic. 

And so is his Grandpa.  Haters gonna act like children hate.

P.S.,  there is an awesome wip over on the [livejournal.com profile] capkinkmeme that has really put me in a slave fic kind of mood, so if you have any recs for that genre for any fandom, I would eat them like candy.
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So...I figure I should finally de-anon for this fic. :) Please pay attention to the warnings and the prompt for any potential triggers. As always, is a work of fiction and I condone none of the actions here. Except the end. I possibly do condone the end.

Fandom: Young Justice Animated
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 38,409
Warning: Rape/Non-Con, Underage. Please see prompt for additional potential triggers.
Relationships: Barry Allen/Iris Allen, Wally West/Eobard Thawne
Characters: Wally West, Barry Allen, Roy Harper, Dick Grayson, Eobard Thawne, Bruce Wayne, Hal Jordan, M'gann M'orzz, Kaldur'ahm, Artemis Crock, Superboy, Alfred Pennyworth, Iris Allen, Rudolph West, Mary West, Diana (Wonder Woman), Clark Kent
Prompt: From the YJ anon meme: Fans of the Flash comics might recall when Professor Zoom pretended to be Barry back from... the dead? the speed force? ...forget the details. The point is, he was able to fool Wally and the rest of the world that he was the original Flash. So obviously he can imitate voice and mannerisms and all very well for an extended period of time. And as we all know how obsessive and crazy he is... let's have a super massive head-fuck that hurts both Flash and Kid Flash. Wally West, asleep at home after a long, tough mission, wakes up in the middle of the night to who he thinks is his uncle, dressed in the Flash suit, touching him rather inappropriately. He may be a little confused, not actually sure he's awake... Zoom-as-Flash would probably say all those horrid creepy lines that molesters say to kids, to keep quiet, not to tell anyone, it's just their little secret, that what they're doing is okay because no one knows, etc. This goes on several nights in succession, and Zoom does a lot more than just touch. Anal, oral, some bondage maybe, and always done in the Flash suit and immitating Barry's voice. Needless to say, things are extremely uncomfortable and strained the next time Kid Flash needs to work with the Flash. And no one knows why, least of all the Flash himself. For Zoom, this seems a win-win: If Wally tells someone, then Barry will be in deep shit, either by police or the League. If Wally stays silent, Zoom gets his rocks off nightly and messes up the relationship that Barry and Wally have. Who figures out something's going on is up to anon, and how/when they find out that it's not really Barry Allen is also up to anon. But I need me some serious Speedster-whumping and mind-games.

Summary: Zoom seeks his revenge on Barry by targeting Wally.

This entry was also posted on Dreamwidth. Comments are welcome on either site.
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Title: Flash Facts

Rating: Mature

Pairing: Barry Allen/Wally West. References to Barry/Iris and Barry/Hal.

Continuity: Young Justice Animated.

Disclaimer: I would treat them much better than this if they were mine.

Word Count: 2398

Prompts: "intervene" @ dcu_freeforall | "control" @ yj_anon_meme

Warnings: The warnings should be obvious based on the pairing. There are no other obvious content warnings that apply.

Author's Note: Yeah, I was going to stay anon for this one. But I figured, what the hell? I don't condone uncle/nephew incest, and if you are confused about that, please go smack yourself in the head with a dictionary until you absorb the definition of fiction.

Summary: Barry has good intentions. They lead him directly where good intentions typically lead.

Flash Facts )

This entry was also posted on Dreamwidth. Comments are welcome on either site.
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Title: Four Things That Happened On Barry Allen's Path To Becoming a Hooker

Fandom: DC Comics

Rating: Mature

Disclaimer: There are no dead cats here. Ergo, I don't own them.

Characters: Barry Allen/Hal Jordan.

Prompts: Other: Hooker @ au_bingo. Command, shades of grey, wings and rooftop @ dcu_freeforall.

Word Count:1600

Warnings: References to underage prostitution.

Summary: Regardless of the universe, Barry and Hal take care of each other.

Four Things That Happened On Barry Allen's Path To Becoming a Hooker )

This entry was also posted @DW here. I welcome comments anywhere you feel comfortable leaving them.
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Title: A Rainbow Can't Be Too Bright, Right?
Fandom: DC Comics
Disclaimer: Not mine
Characters: Bruce, Clark, Dick, Barry. References Dick/Roy and Bruce/Clark, but pretty gen.
Prompt: "Writer's Choice" @ [livejournal.com profile] dcu_freeforall.
Word Count: 1560
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: As in all things, [livejournal.com profile] cero_ate is awesome, and much of this fic is taken from her mind. Also, this prompt is vaguely related to a prompt I did not claim at [livejournal.com profile] lgbtfest, mostly because the version in my head is pure crack and not really as serious as is appropriate to the fest.

Summary: Bruce comes out of the closet - with graphs! Dick is somewhat unimpressed. Barry and the Titans have other concerns.

"Well. No one in the Justice League has ever baked me a cake over my sexual choices."  )
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Title: Secrets Kept and Shared
Fandom: DC Comics
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Characters: Ralph Dibny/Sue Dibny/Barry Allen
Prompt: "duty" @ dcu_freeforall
Word Count: 628
Rating: R
Author's Notes: Written for day # 9 of Women's History Month.

Summary: Some things aren't meant to be shared with the world. Sue's okay with that.

Secrets Kept and Shared )
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Title: Silly Assumptions and Complete Lies

Fandom: DCU

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Characters: Barry/Piper, Trickster. References Piper/Trickster.

Prompt: [livejournal.com profile] rayshell22 asked for "Barry/Piper, the Top's 'Rogue Brainwashing' bit turns out to be a lie." for the drabble meme.  Also fits "power"@ [livejournal.com profile] dcu_freeforall

Word Count: 350

Rating: R

Author's Notes: References canon character death.

Summary: Barry gives Piper a blow job. Trickster offers commentary.

Silly Assumptions and Complete Lies )
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Title: Before He Remembers That He Doesn't Care

Fandom: DC/Marvel

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Characters: Bucky Barnes/Tim Drake. References: Kon/Tim, Bucky/Natasha, Tim/Dick.

Prompt: [livejournal.com profile] ms_duck asked for Bucky/Tim for the ten drabbles meme.

Word Count: 1704 (one of these drabbles is actually going to be a drabble, dammit)

Rating: R

Author's Notes: So, the JLA/Avengers comic had a scene where the Marvel and DCU were split into "Earth 1" and "Earth 2." I thought it was cute and have borrowed that concept and altered it to include the Modern Age, instead of keeping it with only Silver Age characters.  Takes place approximately 1 year ahead of future canon at both Marvel and DC.

Summary: A year of searching for Bruce makes Tim have to go even further away to search for someone to be his partner.

Before He Remembers That He Doesn't Care )
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Title: Things Change
Disclaimer: Not mine
Characters: Dinah/Hal/Ollie
Prompt: Penetrate
Word Count: 235
Rating: NC-17
Summary: As it turns out, monogamy wasn't the solution to Dinah's problems.
A/N: originally written for comment_fic, and tidied up for dcu_freeforall

Things Change )

Title: Neither Flaccid Nor Uncreative
Disclaimer: Not mine and the Alton Brown used here is entirely fictional.
Characters: Barry/Hal, Alton Brown, "W."  
Prompt: savior
Word Count: 385
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Barry's fellow chemistry-loving chef tries to warn him about cabbage and pilots.
Author's Notes: I watch entirely too much Good Eats. I apologize. Originally written for comment_fic, and tidied up for dcu_freeforall

Neither Flaccid Nor Uncreative )

Title: An Attempt at Guidance
Disclaimer: Not mine
Characters: Barry/Hal
Prompt: Brightest Day
Word Count: 198
Rating: R
Summary: Hal tries to instruct Barry in something Barry already knows how to do.
A/N: originally written for comment_fic, and tidied up for dcu_freeforall

An Attempt at Guidance )

Title: No One Ever Calls Me
Disclaimer: Not mine
Characters: Dick, Damian
Prompt: alone
Word Count: 235
Rating: PG
Summary: Damian is not impressed by Dick's optimism.
Author's Notes: originally written for comment_fic, and tidied up for dcu_freeforall

No One Ever Calls Me )

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Title:  A Very Private Distraction

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Not mine. Which you can probably tell by the fact that this is a bizarre A/U.

Characters: Barry/Dinah, Ollie, Hal/Carol. Mentions Piper/Trickster and Iris/Lois.

Word Count: 963

Prompt: "sight" @ dcu_freeforall

A/N:  Sequel to Fascists,  Parties, Ramen Noodles, and Other Things That Made Barry Allen Have a Bad Day

Warnings: Fluff. A/U. College A/U.

Summary:  Barry tries to study. He keeps getting distracted.

A Very Private Distraction )
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Title: Fascists,  Parties, Ramen Noodles, and Other Things That Made Barry Allen Have a Bad Day

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Not mine

Characters: Barry, Ralph/Sue, Ollie. Barry/Iris mentioned and inevitably thwarted by Iris/Lois.

Word Count: 1144

Prompt: "epitome" @ dcu_freeforall

A/N:  Thanks to Cero for listening to me plot. Also, this entire story is a re-telling of a day of someone on my flist, so much thanks goes to them. ;)

Warnings: N/A

Summary:  A day in the life of Barry Allen, college student.

Fascists, Parties, Ramen Noodles, and Other Things That Made Barry Allen Have a Bad Day )
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Title:  Four Father's Days Barry Never Had, One He Should, and One He Probably Did

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Characters: Barry/Genderswapped!Hal Jordan, Barry/Dinah, Jason, Barry/Iris, Dawn and Don, Wally, Bart

Word Count: ~1900

Prompt: [livejournal.com profile] dcu_freeforall : pilot, vigor, oath, moral, battle, valor

A/N: Spoilers for Flash: Rebirth. Also, these are intended to be six snapshots of six different universes. If you try to read them as one whole universe, you will be confused.  The Jason part is intended to come from "What They Made Together," but you do not have to have read that in order to understand the story.

A/N, II: Dammit, it is still Father's Day in some part of the world, right?

Summary: "He always looked you right in the eyes when he talked to you. He never yelled. He never said he was disappointed. And for someone as fast as he was, he had a helluva lot of patience." ~ Wally, about Barry, Flash: Rebirth #1.

Four Father's Days Barry Never Had, One He Should, and One He Probably Did )
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Comment, and I'll do an insta-drabble ficlet thing, prompted from whatever icon you use.

 I never did do this meme, back when everyone else did. ;) Feel free to comment more than once with different icons.

ETA: And is all done. Thanks everyone for playing. Links to ficlets below:

Roy/Grant, Current Continuity: Both boys need some love right about now.
Roy/Dick/Tim + Jason: brotherly mocking.
Remy/Tim: working off steam
Kon, Bart, and a de-aged Tim: Young Justice Years
Raven, Kory: Toon Titans
My Sad Attempt at Juniper Lee meets the Teen Titans
Cass/Jason/Steph: Enjoying downtime together.
Boostle: Ted has totally been reading slash on the internet.
Steve/Diana: Being warriors together.
Clark/Bruce, Dick + Babs : Ivy is a great villain. But clean up sucks.
Dick, Bruce: Being father and son.
Selina/Dinah: Sometimes Ollie and Bruce have reason to be jealous.
Peter/MJ: Because sometimes they need to be domestic and sweet.
Bucky, Robin, Captain America and Batman: Sidekick bickering.
Namor/Sue: Bizarre A/U Post-Civil War.
Captain America ficlet: From v4.
Barry/Dinah: Domestic bliss. Because Barry would never tazer her, dammit.
Jason/Roy+Lian: Bedtime Stories.
Bucky dealing with the Young Avengers.
Topher and Boyd: Because clearly, I am a bad feminist who loves Dollhouse.
Topher, Paul, and a little McCoy/Kirk: Because crossovers are awesome.
Scott Lang, Cassie Lang and a little bonding: Because Scott should be alive.
Cassie/Iron Lad, Kate and Eli: Hanging out in Bucky's house.
The Avengers Become Guinea Pigs.
Alternate Scott Langs can be very sexy, as Kate finds out.
Cassie/Jonas: Afterglows and such.
Jason, Dick, Tim, and Alfred: Ignoring Battle for the cowl is awesome.
Steve/Tony, and Thor: Thor has Steve's back.
Clint Barton corrupting the Young Avengers.
Bart, Owen, and Barry: Because Flash: Rebirth can kiss my ass.
Tim, Kon, and the future, darkly.
Anita, Lil Lobo: Young Justice makes awesome puppies.
Kon/Tim: genderswap.
Dick, Roy, and Gar's evil doppelganger.
Dick and Tim: Being brothers.
Selina/Remy: A little encounter with Batman.
Catwoman/Batman: a little kiss.
Kate, Cassie: Tony has a sexual crisis on television.
Eli, Cassie/Jonas, Tommy: Stuck together.
American Dream, Stinger/Mainframe: Mc2
Kate, Clint, Cap, Tony: Reconstruction is hard.
Cassie Lang in Wonder Land.
Kate, Cassie: Discussing first times.
Scott/Janet: Because they're sweet together.

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I have spent the night trying to get caught up on the flist and on comments/emails/pms that I owe people from the last week and a half. If I missed something important, let me know and I'll try to get to it. I plan to spend today working on birthday presents, working on the Cap mood theme of doom, and finishing up some random other fictional responsibilities in honor of being off today. But first!

April Fools' Day Meme:

Today is the day for sheer ridiculousness. Give me 1-3  of the crackiest, most outrageous, least likely to ever actually happen pairings and/or scenarios you can think of, and I'll write you a snippet of at least one of them. 

1. That time that Mary Jane Watson and Jason Todd bonded over blueberry pie. In Smurf village.
2. Barry Allen/Dick Grayson, Gotham's weariest knight stops by a lowly school teacher's cabin during a storm.
3. Steve Rogers/James Kirk/Lex Luthor, In the mirror universe humans must stick together.  Literally.
4. Shayera Hol (JLU)/Roy Harper (DCU)/Bucky Barnes, It took a trip back in time to a 1920s diner in a universe that wasn't his own for Roy to find a Hawkgirl who wanted him and an ex-sidekick who wouldn't leave him.

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Title: Five Times a Couple Bonded Over Cut-offs, a T-shirt, and Sloppy Joes.
Rating:  PG-13
Disclaimer: Covet. Don't own.
Pairings: Mary Jane/Peter, Clint/Kate,  Jason/Stephanie, Dinah/Barry, Diana/Lois
Prompt: So, I listen to weird music, including campy, bad country songs on occasion. Sometimes I can take one of those bad, campy country songs and use it as a inspiration for a fic. This time I came up with a scenario, but couldn't arrow it down to one couple. So it morphed into a Five Times fic, instead.
Prompts, Part II: Also fits the "lust" prompt at [livejournal.com profile] dcu_freeforall for Dinah, and the  leitmotif a melodic passage or phrase associated with a specific character, situation, or element; a dominant and recurring theme, as in a novel~always the same, routine prompt for Diana, at [livejournal.com profile] 18coda.
Summary:  See Title.


"But you're getting to me in those cut-off jeans, t-shirt, and sloppy joes." 


MJ/Peter )

Clint/Kate )

Jason/Steph )

Barry/Dinah )

Diana/Lois )
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Title:  A Walk, Not a Skip

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Characters: Barry Allen, Tim Drake. Bart/Tim referenced, but gen overall.

Prompt: The Mission @ [livejournal.com profile] dcu_freeforall

Word Count: 1880

Continuity:  ~ Six months from the end of Batman R.I.P. Steals a bit from JLA: Year One.

Summary:  Barry's friends are all very helpful in ways that don't matter at all to Barry. The one thing he actually wants to know only Tim can tell him.

Robin would be in the right to tell him those things, and to demand that he leave. Barry knew his presence was an intrusion. But he'd waited six long months for the right to claim a moment of Robin's time. He'd waited on Bruce to come back...he couldn't force himself to wait on Bruce to heal, too.  )
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Title: Trust, PG-13
: Do covet, don't own.
Prompt: Straddle @ [livejournal.com profile] dcu_freeforall
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Dinah Lance
Warning: Gratuitous melding of DC and Marvel universes.
Summary:  Dinah and Steve have a few kinks to work out in their relationship.

Word Count: 505 )

Title: Indulgence, PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine
Prompt: bite
Pairing: Dinah Lance/Barry Allen
Summary: Holidays are good for desserts of many kinds.

Word Count: 591 )
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Title: What They Made Together, Part 3/3

Rating: PG-13

Authors:  [livejournal.com profile] cero_ate and [livejournal.com profile] pervyficgirl

Characters:  Barry/Dinah, Dick/Roy, Jason/Tim, Lance, Wally. Bart/Kon referenced.

Prompt: "progenitors" (Barry Claim), "Writer's Choice" (Dinah claim) @ [livejournal.com profile] dcu_freeforall

Word Count: 5496

Story Summary:  In a alternate reality, the death of Iris brought Dinah and Barry together. This fic follows the growth of their family over the years.

Chapter Summary:  Two heart breaks, two additional family members, two new relationships, and one miracle round out the series and make Dinah's life complete.

A/N:  Yeah, this was originally going to be broken down into 5 chapters, but I think the last  three plus the epilogue work better together as one whole unit. Also, thank you to everyone who indulged our random het experiment. ;)

Part One
Part Two - First Part
Part Two - Second Part

Part Three )
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Title: What They Made Together, Part 2A/3

Rating: PG-13

Authors[livejournal.com profile] cero_ate and [livejournal.com profile] pervyficgirl

Characters:  Barry/Dinah, Roy, Jason. Hints of Dick/Roy.

Prompt: "rescue" (Barry Claim), "dinner" (Dinah claim) @ dcu_freeforall

Word Count: 11,679 in total for part two.

Story Summary:  In an alternate reality, the death of Iris brought Dinah and Barry together. This fic follows the growth of their family over the years.

Chapter Summary:  It's a year later, and baby Lance is happy and healthy. Dinah, Barry, and Roy have recovered just enough to add one more to their family.

What They Made Together, Part 1

What They Made Together, Part 2A )


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