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My soul is like my appendix; I don't use either of them.

I speak my mind, because it hurts to bite my tongue.

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Birthdate:Nov 24
I am a bisexual and geeky woman who writes het, slash, gen, femslash, couples, threesomes moresomes, crossovers, crack, PWP, drabblets, and multi-chaptered fics. I don't have any OTPs, and I write a variety of couples. Canon is a nice guide, but it shouldn't dictate what we write in fanfic.

Common Triggers I warn for: Non-con/rape, dub-con, self-harm, pregnancy issues, drug abuse, child abuse, eating disorders, mental conditions, BDSM and kinks. I do not always warn for character death, and never warn for angst. Much of my fic does not have a traditional happy ending, and you should proceed with caution if you have mood-related triggers.

About My Tags: Currently I am going through and re-tagging all of my ficcish entries. Your best bet for navigating through my fic is through the character and ship tags.

My fanfic index can be found here

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