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we trip on clouds 'cause we get too high (Thea Queen/Diana, Thea/Sandra Moonday Hawke, Connor Hawke | Teen and Up | 2058 words) Thea does not respond well to learning her family's secrets.


 Diplomatic Endeavors (DCU/Star Trek 2009 | Gaila/Koriand'r |  Explicit | 884 words) The humans are likely taking care of the conversations. Gaila and Kori can attend to much more pleasant diplomatic endeavors.

 Five Times The Rogues Tried to Steal Christmas (But Allowed Barry to Get Laid Instead) (Barry Allen/Dinah Lance,  Barry Allen/Hal Jordan, Barry Allen/Hartley Rathaway, Barry Allen/Oliver Queen, Barry Allen/Hating Oliver Queen, Ralph Dibny/Sue Dibny, implied Hal Jordan/Oliver Queen, Barry Allen/Iris West Allen, Barry Allen/Ralph Dibny/Sue Dibny/Iris West Allen, Barry Allen/Dinah Lance/Iris West Allen, Barry Allen/Hal Jordan/Iris West Allen | Mature | 4087 words) Barry and Iris are very happy together, separately, and with the help of others.

Of Naps and Other Glorious Battles (Koriand'r/Roy Harper/Jason Todd, Lian Harper | Teen and Up | 993 words ) Look, Jason knows how to use condoms. This is not his responsibility.

Marvel: A-Babies Vs. X-Babies 

I Always Need to be Sure of You (Bucky Bear & Steve, Clint, Kate, Pizza Dog Plushie. | Teen and Up | 3025 words) Five times that Bucky Bear knew he was Steve's favorite toy.

Marvel 616: Kate 

 And Your Guys for Free (Bucky/Eli, Kate/Clint, Kate/Everyone |  Teen and Up | 876 words) This is the kind of thing that drives people to solo careers, Kate.

Around and Around (Kate/Clint | Teen and Up | 950 words ) If Clint's going to have his predictable freakout after they have sex, Kate figures it might as well be at a carnival.

But Not Yet (Kate/Clint | Mature | 1107 words) The war separates them. Losing brings them back together.

Can't Have the Dream Without the Nightmare (Marvel 616 | Clint/Kate | Explicit | 3525 words) He doesn't need to watch Kate talk, and hasn't needed to watch anyone talk in a long time to understand them. But he still wants to.

The Forbidden Fruit (Kate/Clint | Explicit | 1634 words) This conversation would be easier to have if Clint wasn't naked between her legs. Kate's sure of it. Or, Kate finds herself stuck in the middle of a Harlequin Superromance and can't quite figure out how this is her life.

The Joyful Swing (Kate/Cassie | Teen and Up | 531 words) Cassie came back. Going apple picking is a perfectly natural way to celebrate that victory.

The Lazy End of the Deal (Kate/Clint | Teen and Up | 894 words) All the boundaries that used to exist between them are getting increasingly fuzzy. But maybe brunch isn't the time that Clint should worry about that.

The Very Complicated Business Currently Residing in Kate's Stomach (Kate/Bucky/Clint | Teen and Up | 1724 words | tw: pregnancy) Having a baby is a very complicated thing, especially when Kate's not sure whether Bucky or Clint is the father.

That One Special Person You Want to Annoy for the Rest of Your Life (Marvel 616 | Clint/Kate | Teen and Up | 2770 words) Clint's sure that nobody is ever going to believe that they are a married couple. Kate just needs to be clear about which one of them is changing their last name in this fake marriage (hint: it isn't her.)

When It's Time to Turn the Page (Marvel 616 | Kate Bishop/Natasha Romanova | Mature | 3122 words) After the events of Winter Soldier 14, Natasha did get her memories back and chose to recover by moving on to greener pastures. It didn't end up the way that Kate thought it would, and Kate had never been so happy to be wrong about anything in her life.

Working on the Miles Before Joining the Club (Kate/Clint | Teen and UP | 717 words) Of course Kate's going to wait on Clint to catch up. Doesn't she always?

Marvel 616: Bucky

A Lot of Expectations (Bucky/Clint | Teen and Up | 1960 words) Bucky experiences his first pumpkin spice latte, courtesy of Clint's efforts to get into Bucky's pants.

Attachment (Bucky/Sam | Teen and Up | 2526 words) Sam didn't have a lot of attachment to Thomas Raymond. That didn't stop Bucky from showing up on Sam's doorstep with the screaming infant version of Raymond though.

Better to Ask for Forgiveness (Buck/Steve/Sam | Mature | 282 words) Bucky and Sam clear up that whole "Bucky not being dead" thing. With sex.

Wear Your Heart on Your Skin (Marvel 616 | James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers | Mature | 1891 words | Underage)  After a battle, Bucky distracts Steve. Steve figures it's only fair if he returns the favor.

we'll forever be that doomed lost colony (Marvel 616/RPF | Ed Brubaker/Bucky Barnes' Manpain | Mature | 1075 words | Graphic Depictions Of Violence) Nobody loves Bucky's pain as intimately as Ed Brubaker does. Nobody.

Marvel  616: Steve

Share Your Pain and Touch Your Wounds (Steve/Sam, Eli | Teen and Up | 2973 words )  After the Illuminati's betrayal has been discovered and dealt with, Sam and Steve run away together.

What is Also True (Steve/Sam | Mature | 442 words) Winter Soldier's kills in America are even more ruthless than his other victories.

MCU: Steve & Capfamily

Almost Expected (James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Steve Rogers, Tony | Teen and Up | 5052 words ) After the events of Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve and Rhodey have lunch.

a taste that lingers even when everything else has melted away (Darcy/Steve | Teen and Up | 1190 words | PTSD) Darcy knows Steve has issues with gluttony and wasting food. But she isn't going to pass up the chance to pick up some caramel apples.

It'll Probably Drown Me Before I'm Through (Peggy/Steve, Darcy, Natasha, Bucky, Sharon, Fury, Sam, Clint, Howard, Gabe, and Betty | Mature | 9870 words) Peggy's neighbor is both handsome and kind. It's really too bad he might be a spy.

Learning How to Appreciate New Patterns (Steve/Bucky, Sam | Teen and Up | 3145 words) Steve has every intention of baking a pie to take to Thanksgiving dinner. It's not his fault that a bad case of nostalgia and sexual frustration interrupts his efforts and causes him to end up making eight batches of fudge instead.

Meetings (Sam/Sharon | Teen | 876 words ) Fury keeps sending Sharon on ridiculous missions that change her life in a major way.

Reap the Victories (Peggy Carter, Nick Fury, Natasha Romanova, Clint Barton | Teen and Up | 1612 words) When Black Widow is ready to change her allegiance, she gives a very clear signal. Peggy's last act as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. is to acknowledge that gesture and return it with one of her own.

Still They Forget That The Heart Beats in Threes (Just Like a Waltz) (MCU | James "Bucky" Barnes/Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers and all combinations of the three. | Mature | 11345 words | Graphic Depictions Of Violence) When Winter Soldier and Black Widow are sent on a mission to kill Director Carter, Winter Soldier's decision on that mission alters the kind of happy ending that Steve, Peggy, and Bucky are going to have.

think well, love well, sleep well (Steve/Natasha | Mature | 4258 words) Good friends will be happy for you when you get laid, but great friends will run out and buy you supplies when you and your partner are getting low so you don't have to stop what you're doing. Other friends may just be horrified that they walked in on some surprise kitchen sex.  Or, the one in which Clint and Bucky are ultimately rewarded for being such good friends to Natasha and Steve, and the other Avengers may be traumatized.

MCU: Not Capfamily

Every Person Knows Best Where Their Own Shoe Pinches (MCU | Kate Bishop/Natasha Romanova | Teen | 913 words) S.H.I.E.L.D. specializes in picking up broken people without families. Kate doesn't really fit that mold, but Natasha's glad she's there anyway.

Indisputable (MCU | Bruce Banner/James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Tony Stark, Bruce Banner/Tony Stark, James "Rhodey" Rhodes/Tony Stark, Pepper Potts/Steve Rogers | Mature | 1657 words) Bruce, Rhodey, and Tony get hit with sex pollen.

Political Animals

Making the Family Skeletons Dance (Political Animals | Doug/TJ | Mature | 1836 words | Incest) Some people think Doug is the "good" brother. But Doug knows better.

Without a Cape (Political Animals: Elaine Barrish/Susan Berg | Teen and Up | 2068 words) In Susan's experience, Elaine Barrish sleeping on the plane is a rare moment. So is what happens when Elaine wakes up.


And I Will Try to be Asleep When You Come to Wake Me (Adam and Adora, gen | Teen and Up | 2234 words) The war was over, and Eternia was Adora's home now. But it didn't quite feel that way.

Your Limbs Are Loaded Down With Rotten Fruit (She-Ra | Catra/Adora | Explicit | 2038 words | Bondage, Power Dynamics, Emotional Manipulation and Coercion) Their relationship had always been a secret. That meant Catra didn't have to explain how foolish she'd been to anyone but herself.

Star Trek

Sleeping In (Star Trek: AOS | Kirk/Spock/Uhura | Teen and Up | 996 words ) It was too early to argue with Spock. She wanted to go back to sleep, anyway, not get involved with foreplay.

Waiting (Star Trek: TOS | Saavik, Spock, Number One, Kirk, T'Pol, Amanda Grayson | Teen and Up | 2006 words | pregnancy) Saavik waits during the months between The Search For Spock and The Voyage Home.

Other Fandoms:

How I Love Going out in the Storm (BTVS: Buffy Summers/Faith Lehane | Teen and Up | 691 words) Buffy visits Faith in Cleveland and brings cookies. Casually ignores the comics.

Someday You'll Understand (Push | Nick/Cassie | Mature | 1991 words)  Just because you've done it doesn't mean you're an expert.

This Same Necessity (Pacific Rim | Mako/Raleigh | Teen and Up | 815 words ) Adopting a dog might not be a traditional stage of grief, but it works for them.

Tudors and Their Daemons (Historical RPF | Anne Boleyn/Catherine of Aragon/Henry VIII of England, Catherine of Aragon/Henry VIII of England  | Teen and Up | Series ) Living in a universe with daemons changes things between the three of them.

Tumblr Requests:

Tumblr Requests: Fandoms Other Than Marvel  Tumblr requests I've written that aren't Marvel comics related.

Tumblr Requests for Bucky Appreciation Fest (Marvel Comics and MCU | James "Bucky" Barnes/Emma Swan, James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson, James "Bucky" Barnes/Sharon Carter | 1393 words)  Five ficlets written for the Bucky Appreciation fest, based on prompts collected from my tumblr followers.

Tumblr Requests: Marvel Universes  A collection of tumblr fic requests that I've filled that fit either comics or the MCU. Every combination except Stony!

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