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Hi, Yuletide writer! Thanks for writing me a fic! You already have awesome tastes in characters and fandoms, so congrats on that! I am also a pretty big believer in Optional Details Are Optional.

Things that I like in ficRecs on Pinboard | Recs on AO3 | My Adventures in Good Fic tag on tumblr (there is also an Adventures in Bad Fic tag if you are curious about things that make me want to punch people through the Internet. It is, as you may suspect, not a nice tag.) | Other Dear Challenge Writer Posts I Have Written Over the Years.

In general: I am all about the ship fic, both reading and writing it. BUT if you are a gen writer, that is awesome, because what I really love is character interactions. You could write me 1000 words of Character A and Character B arguing platonically over whether broccoli should be cooked or eaten raw and as long as you use it as an opportunity to highlight their interactions. If you do like shippy things, I love: het/slash/femslash/poly arrangements.

Things I like:

  • AUs (alternate characterizations and situations; sex between alternates of one character or between different characters; alternates as catalysts for realization of desire; role reversal; darker mirror universe characters; mistaken identity, hooker/brothel a/us).
  • Alpha/Beta/Omega Universes and D/s Universes. I do like Alpha/Beta/Omega and D/s universes, if that floats your boat. For ABO, I prefer the focus on the dynamics, really, and less on the magically lubricating assholes and SEMEN SEMEN EVERYWHERE. Though if you want to give me ALL THE PORN in the ABO verse, that's cool. If th is hits your kink, I'd really like an ABO fic that explored how non-penetrative sex factors in, be it for girls or guys. Because I've never actually read an ABO fic where someone has oral sex, and that seems weird to me.
  • Aftermath: of arguments, of the apocalypse, of battles. Bullet proof kink.
  • Amnesia
  • Daemons
  • Backstory
  • Curtain Fic/Domesticity
  • Kinks: I also like vanilla sex! And cuddling. And chilling on the couch. I'm not very fond of scat, vomit play, or puppy play, but if you wanted to write about the aftermath taking care of each other portion of the kink or the negotiation of the kink, I'd be fine with those things being included. I don't want to read anyone kink-shaming in the story. It's cool if say, John Taylor thinks that scat is gross, because kinks are personal thinks, but I don't want to read 1000 words of him telling Simon LeBon that his kink is gross.
  • Sexual discovery (of one's orientation; of new kinds of pleasure; of one's partner)
  • Talking and communication issues (dirty talk or verbal seduction; ACCENTS, sweet talking; reciting poetry; talking someone to orgasm; talking during sex; pillow talk; phone sex; speech becoming broken as one is aroused or upset; being inarticulate or articulate; aphasia; talking fast; miscommunication and misunderstandings in general; lack of a shared language, keeping quiet while having sex, someone's next door and need to keep it down, being restrained only by command, etc, etc.)
  • Scars or scarification. Oh, god, so much. Especially if the other person is turned on by them and/or they come from biting. 
  • You and Me Against the World.
  • Women who are competent and love other women, either platonically or not.
  • Aliens Made Us Do It or Sex Pollen or Pon Farr.
  • Bisexuality and Poly Lifestyles.
  • People having sex with Captain America. Even if they have to cross universes/timelines to do it.
  • Relationships in all their forms: this can mean explicit porn if that's what moves you as a writer, but it can also mean chilling on the couch and watching a movie with snark and popcorn.
  • Age differences
  • Touch-starved characters
  • holiday fic (not required, but I am cool with it if you do!)
  • If you're a gen writer: I like battle aftermaths, bonding, snark, and obvious affection between characters, even if it's not sexual.

Things I don't like as much:
  • "We woke up gay" or "only gay for you." or "gay the whole time and the women i dated didn't mean anything/were just beards." Relatedly: referring to same sex relationships as "gay," especially when the character is/has the potential to be bi/pansexual.
  • OTPs that get in the way of characters moving on and having healthy adult relationships with other people.
  • The following gendered words: bitch, slut, whore (or slut-shaming in general.)
  • Slave A/Us that have abolition movements. Slave a/us are fine, but keep to the kink, please.
  • The following a/us I don't really care about: school, werewolf, regency, coffee shop. 
  • Homophobia/bi-phobia/racism/ableism in canon characters who have never before displayed it.
  • Casual Drug Use. Alcohol is fine, but I don't want to read about characters doing weed (or harder drugs) together.
  • Genderswap.
  • "Case" fic or "action" fic. I prefer characterization bits to that, to be honest. For ex, if you are writing about superheroes, I can read comics to see them beat up bad guys. It's not really what I look for in fic.
  • Fic that is obviously trying to "fix" the canon. For ex, I know that Sweet Valley is an awful place where only perfect size 6 blonde virgin heterosexual girls are allowed to be happy ... but I don't want to read 1000 words of "THIS BOOK SERIES SUCKS LET ME SHOW YOU HOW MORE PROGRESSIVE I AM THAN FRANCINE PASCAL." Good Lord, I hope you are more progressive than Francine Pascal. Otherwise, I suspect John Boehner signed up for Yuletide and that makes me sad.

 Onto the fandoms themselves:  I love EVERY SINGLE FANDOM EQUALLY. If I word vomit more about some than others, please don't take it to mean that I love one of the fandoms more than the others, because I really, really don't. I love everyone in this bar, dude.

Request 1: Duran Duran  (John Taylor)


    So I've been shipping John Taylor with everyone since I first watched the original Duran Duran Behind the Music, but I recently watched the updated Behind the Music and read his book, and wow, I ship everything even harder. I'm especially intrigued with his relationships with Nick (and the repairing that he says they had to do of their friendship in the book) and the fact that he has apparently spent many nights in the LeBon home. The original Behind the Music forever gave me the impression that there is some dislike but grudging respect of Warren on John's behalf, so I'd be up for that ship too. If you don't want to write ship fic, general 80s debauchery or dealing with the lack of 80s debauchery on the reunion tour would be fine.

If you're a shipper: John/Nick, John/Simon, John/Roger, John/Niles, and fucked up and unhealthy Warren/John (possibly with hatesex) are all things I ship. I also ship all possibly ot3/4/5 combinations of John, Nick, Simon, Roger, and Yasmin. Yasmin/Simon/John is lovely, too.  John is my favorite band member and I am just happy when he is getting laid. Alternately, I am happy when he is being thoughtful about his sobriety. Alternately, I am happy when he is being a petty asshole, because sometimes he remembers that he is a rockstar.

I like Renee, I respect Amanda, and I like Gela a lot. I really don't want to read any bashing of any of the women in of their lives (yes, that includes Amanda and Julie). Otherwise, I am a huge 80s nerd, and if you want to crossover with any bands from the period (Boy George's continual snarking on Duran and his one time neighbor in John Taylor amuses the shit out of me.) I will be okay with that. I am cool with a/us! Maybe you want to write a bookshop a/u where John and Nick are trying to steal  away the competition bookstore's manager because even as a bookstore owner, Boy George is a petty asshole! Or maybe it's a vampire a/u where Nick left John with this newly turned Warren AND NO, JOHN DOES NOT WANT TO TEACH HIM THE WAY OF BEING A VAMPIRE, SO FUCK YOU, NICK.

Things I like about John Taylor: Casually leaving Andy out of the end of his book, lol (I like Andy! But I still laughed.), the fact that he called his website "Trust The Process." The fact that he pretty much admits that his childhood left him wanting for nothing. The fact that he worked so hard for his sobriety and is still working on behalf of others trying to get sober. The fact that being a dad means a lot to him.

 Sweet Valley High - Francine Pascal   (Jeffrey French, Aaron Dallas)


    To be honest, I ship it. I ignore everything that happened after "In Love Again" in the Sweet Valley High books, except for the fact that they made Steven and Aaron gay, which I thought was awesome. But my first OTP was Aaron/Jeffrey. Maybe Aaron discovers his sexuality while he is in therapy for his anger issues, or maybe they end up going to college to play soccer together and go from roommates to more. If you want to write gen, that's cool! I also like Liz/Jeffrey or Olivia/Jeffrey.

Additional details: If I'm perfectly honest, Jeffrey French was my favorite character in the entire Sweet Valley High books. I loved him from Taking Sides to Brokenhearted. (Senior Year does not exist, and no, he was never a DJ. I live in denial!) I adored his relationships with Elizabeth, Olivia, and Aaron, and the one with Aaron always reads as pretty slashy to me. So I'd love 'ship fic between the two of them.

If you're not into that, that's awesome too. I always loved their soccer shenanigans, if you want to focus on that instead. Or their ongoing struggles with chemistry. Or maybe you want to write college shenanigans (I ignore the Sweet Valley University books, too! My denial is strong.) Or maybe you want to deal with Aaron's home and family life, because I'm pretty sure they dropped that plot like a hot potato after one book.

Notes: I am absolutely Team Elizabeth, and Jessica and Lilah are my least favorites. So feel free to include whatever book characters you like, but please don't bash Elizabeth.

 Food Allergies (Anthropomorfic)   (Gluten, Soy, Nightshade Vegetables, Dairy)


    This is my crack request! But oh, this year I have basically discovered that I am allergic to all of these things, and this requires me to be as fanatical about my food choices as I am about fandom, so it totally counts as a fandom to me! Gluten is obviously a supervillain in my mind, though tomatoes and other nightshades may be on the fence between good and evil. In fact, the others may be trying to draw Nightshades into their web. Alternately, Gluten is the Textbook Nice Guy and the others are trying to avoid him but those OT3s that they used to have with Gluten and his other Nice Guy Friend, Sandwich, are really great. Basically, as long as Gluten is the primary antagonist, I will probably chuckle gleefully and slightly bitterly over my rice crackers and fake cheese.

I don't have a lot to add to this request (which does not mean I wouldn't love a fic about this fandom just as much!) But really, this a fandom you can go absolutely wild in. Well, I will side-eye you if you try to make Gluten a SYMPATHETIC VILLAIN, because GLUTEN IS EVIL, obviously. Optional details are optional and you should feel free to write whatever you want. Hell, maybe Gluten crosses universes to fuck with everyone. That sounds like something Gluten would do, the bastard. Gluten does like to sneak in places Gluten doesn't belong (STOCK WHY WOULD GLUTEN BE IN CHICKEN STOCK) after all.

 She-Ra: Princess Of Power   (She-Ra | Princess Adora, He-Man | Prince Adam (She-Ra),  Catra (She-Ra))


    Ships I sail: Adam/Adora, Adora/Catra, Adam/Catra. Ships I don't sail: Adora/SeaHawk, Adam/Teela, Adora/Glimmer.

    Basically, Adora is my One, True Character and I would love to see her fleshed out more. For gen options, maybe have her adjusting to palace and princess life, either during vacations or after the war has been one on Etheria. For shippy options, I would be okay with either deviant twincest or conflicted enemy relationships between either Adam or Adora and Catra (or between Adam/Adora and Adora/Catra, if you want to write that.) I am really okay with gen or shippy fic in all my prompts, but especially this one.

First: Please feel free to write all the gen fic that you want for this request! I am not trying to twist your arm in order to get incest fic. I would be really interested in some of the things that the show didn't/couldn't address, especially as they relate to Adora trying to find her place. Maybe you want to redeem Catra. Maybe you want to have Adam have failed in bringing his sister over to the Side of Good, but was able to bring Catra. Maybe you want to tell the whole story from Catra's POV. Maybe you want to tell it from Swift Wind's POV - noticing the changes in his person based on when she is spending time in Eternia/with Catra/with Adam, etc.

That said, if you want to write me ship fic, I will be very happy about that, too! I am here for bitter hatesex between enemies, conflicted sex with a sister's enemy, deviant twincest, and OT3s that include all of the above.

Push (2009)  (Cassie Holmes, Nick Gant)


    So, I ship it. It hits all of my "you and me against the world" bullet proof kinks. I also just really adore the fact that Nick has a clear amount of respect for her. If you want to write shippy fic, that's awesome! Feel free to age her up to wherever you feel is appropriate, but I personally don't think that two people who are breaking every other law on the planet are going to feel obligated to make sure she is 18, which isn't even the law of consent in every country they are going to be in. If you don't want to write ship fic, that's fine! I would love an expansion of this world and want it means to have powers there. Crossovers are always good. Future fic is always good. (I'm cool if you don't want to ship them, but please don't ship them with anyone else.)

First: Please don't bash any of the other women in this movie. Don't have any of them secretly being evil or out to kill Cassie as competition for Nick's affection.

Secondly, wow, that comment about ages needs some clarifying. I really respect the fact that you may want her to be 18 if you want to write ship fic. THAT IS GREAT AND OKAY. But I have read fic where Nick spends the entire fic going on about how he can't because she isn't 18 (while she is between 16-17) and it feels like an author concern. It never feels like a genuine character concern, because they are fighting a war here, and they are doing a lot worse than having sex at 16 with an older dude. So you can make her 50 years old before anything happens if you want, just don't make it something that the characters go on and on about because THEY HAD TO WAIT !!!! (This does not mean that I want them to be fucking while she's 13, because I do not.)

 If you want to write gen fic, that's awesome! Maybe you want to explore the relationship between Cassie and her mom? Maybe you want to tell me bout Nick's mom? Maybe you want to a/u it up and make Cassie and Nick mutants in the Marvel universe and experiencing mutant oppression there? Maybe you want to deal with the ramifications of Cassie's visions getting stronger/more powerful. Maybe you just want to write fic about being holed up in a shitty hotel without a/c in the middle of summer and dear god, is it the Visions or Nick's shitty taste in television giving her a headache?

Captain America and the Falcon (2004 Comic)  (Sam Wilson (Cap and Falcon))


    SAM. SAM SAM SAM. The degree that I love Sam Wilson should really only be reserved for people who actually exist, but alas. He is pretty much the greatest, and the friendship that he and Cap share is my favorite friendship in all of comics. I do not care if you set your Sam Wilson fic in this comic or in another point in his timeline. Set it during this comic's timeline, during the time that he is babysitting his best friend's other best friend, or at some point in the future, where they all learn that Tony Stark and the Illuminati casually mind-raped Steve Rogers in New Avengers 3. Social Worker Sam is my favorite, so any references to that are also loved. Ships I sail: Sam/Sharon, Sam/Steve, Sam/Bucky, Sam/Sharon/Steve/Bucky, Sam/Leila.

Yeah, the amount of love I have for Sam Wilson is not entirely healthy. I liked this series perfectly well, but I don't actually care if your Sam Wilson story comes from this time period in canon or not. I adore him a LOT. If Steve Rogers did not exist, he would easily be my favorite character. If you want to read more of my squee/thoughts on Sam Wilson, you can browse his tag on my tumblr. I care very little when this story takes place. You can even tell me a story about Sam's childhood, if you want. A/us are great! I would prefer you ignore the pimp retcon, just as canon does. When it's referred to at all these days, "Snap" is usually referred to as being involved in racketeering, and that is 100% less awful than the stupid fucking pimp retcon.

Things I love about Sam Wilson: He's a SOCIAL WORKER. He is incredibly loyal to Steve, while being 100% capable of seeing all of Steve's flaws. He is an equal partner and friend and not a sidekick. He registered only so he could give HIS BEST FRIEND the right send off (and sure as fuck didn't put Steve back into the arctic like other ASSHOLES.)

If you want to do current canon, that is fine. Maybe show me a bit of Sam's reaction to Sharon's death, because they were very close, and Remender doesn't seem interested in telling that story. If you wanted to do something more upbeat in recent canon, Sam mentoring Rikki (NOT DEAD), Eli, or Prodigy could be amazing. Or write the A/u where Sam was a full time teacher at Avengers Academy, because if you have a group of Avengers being responsible for children, you should maybe actually include someone whose job includes dealing with them.  If you want to go with the story in the Cap and Falcon series, that's awesome! Sam went through a lot of shit in this story. Tell me how he deals.

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