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Hi, there, writer!

Basically, I signed up for this because I love tropes, so tropes in any of my fandoms is a good thing! I also believe that optional details are optional a LOT.

That said, if you're looking to tailor the fic, here are some guidelines for my quirks:

On crossovers/fusions:

I only checked this box for one of my fandoms, but you are actually welcome to use them for any of the fandoms. I like crossovers a lot. I like fusions even more than proper crossovers.

Kinks Dealbreakers:

-Dealbreaker: I can't read m/f kink fic where the female is in the submissive spot (or, even if she doesn't think of herself that way, where she is getting spanked by a man, for exam.) This is not a value judgement on any women who have this kink! But I can't read it for personal reasons. I can read m/f kink where the female character is not in the submissive spot.

-Dealbreaker: I can't read any m/f rape fic where the female is the rape survivor.

- Not a dealbreaker, but I don't really care about: puppy play, excretion fic (I've read some lovely watersports fic, though), high school a/u, coffee shop a/u

That being said, I otherwise love any kink that you want to give me for any type of pairing. I enjoy everything from non-con to fluffy cuddling on the couch. So on the subject of kinks, I am pretty easy please.


In truth, any of the freeform tags are freeform tags that I would enjoy for any of the fandoms. I was just restricted to ten, so ... feel free to mix and mach on those.


-Dealbreakers: Steve/Tony, Kate/Whitney Frost, Clint/Coulson, Bucky/Natasha for Marvel (616 and MCU). Pepper/Happy for the MCU. For Pacific Rim, Chuck/anyone is a deal breaker.

-Dealbreaker: I don't want to read about how a character is suddenly gay or a lesbian when they have demonstrated sexual attraction to someone of a different gender in canon. This always feels like bierasure to me, and I'm sure that's just because I am a bitter bisexual, but if Steve is suddenly telling me that he's so happy to wake up gay in the 21st century, I'm going to close the fic tab. He could love men a lot and I'm quite happy to see him written as queer. In fact, he never reads as heterosexual to me. But he could be happy to wake up bisexual in the 21st century.

- Favorites: I am a multi-shipper. This fic of mine should give you an idea how much I multi-ship, but basically, I ship almost everything. That being said, I do have some favs, which you are of course free to ignore, because I ship all the things. Be it het, slash, femslash or poly, I ship it.

Favs include:

Pacific Rim:

Herc/Stacker, Raleigh/Mako, Mako crossing universes and having sex with everyone because she is great. Man, it's going to feel like I don't love Pacific Rim as much as I do the others, but that is false, because I adore Pacific Rim. You can see my tumblr tag for more proof that I adore.

Marvel 616: Ahaha, but where do I start?
Kate: I ship her with David Alleyne, Cassie Lang, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanova, Bobbi Morse, Sharon Carter. I also ship her with Kaldur from Young Justice, if you are so inclined. Kate/Mako could be amazing, if you wanted.

Clint: Kate/Clint, Clint/Bucky, Clint/Steve are my main OTPs. I like Bobbi/Clint in the past tense, so if you wanted to go old school, that'd be cool.

Steve: Sharon, Sam, Clint, Bucky, Wanda, Bernie. Poly Steve and Bucky is probably my favorite.

Natasha: I ship her with Kate, Bobbi (IT'S CANON DAMMIT), Steve, Sam Wilson, and Elektra. I can be convinced to ship Kate/Natasha/Clint. :)

Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Steve: All the ships I mentioned above! Also, Rhodey, Pepper, Howard, Bruce, Darcy, Peggy, Sif, Jane, Melinda May, Jemma Simmons, Nick Fury, and Thor. All various combinations thereof.

Bucky: Steve, Sam, Clint, Sharon, Darcy, Rhodey, Pepper, Howard, Peggy. Also, if you wanted to casually drop Kate into this world, I ship it. Bucky/Sif could be intriguing.

Pepper: Pepper/Tony, Pepper/Rhodey, Pepper/Rhodey/Tony, Pepper/Natasha. Pepper/any of the ladies from Agents of SHIELD would be amazing.

Rhodey: it is my headcanon that Rhodey and tony had a thing at MIT. Yes, I know Tony was underage. I don't care. In general, I ship Rhodey with Tony, Pepper, Steve, and Sam. My kingdom for Rhodey/Pepper/Steve or Rhodey/Steve/Sam.

Howard: Steve, Peggy, Maria, Bucky, Nick Fury, and all combinations thereof.


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