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Marvel Cinematic Universe:

It'll Probably Drown Me Before I'm Through (Peggy/Steve, Darcy, Natasha, Bucky, Sharon, Fury, Sam, Clint, Howard, Gabe, and Betty | Mature | 9870 words) Peggy's neighbor is both handsome and kind. It's really too bad he might be a spy.

Meetings (Sam/Sharon | Teen | 876 words ) Fury keeps sending Sharon on ridiculous missions that change her life in a major way.

Marvel Comics:

 And Your Guys for Free (Bucky/Eli, Kate/Clint, Kate/Everyone |  Teen and Up | 876 words) This is the kind of thing that drives people to solo careers, Kate.

Attachment (Bucky/Sam | Teen and Up | 2526 words) Sam didn't have a lot of attachment to Thomas Raymond. That didn't stop Bucky from showing up on Sam's doorstep with the screaming infant version of Raymond though.

Better to Ask for Forgiveness (Buck/Steve/Sam | Mature | 282 words) Bucky and Sam clear up that whole "Bucky not being dead" thing. With sex.

But Not Yet (Kate/Clint | Mature | 1107 words) The war separates them. Losing brings them back together.

Share Your Pain and Touch Your Wounds (Steve/Sam, Eli | Teen and Up | 2973 words )  After the Illuminati's betrayal has been discovered and dealt with, Sam and Steve run away together.

The Forbidden Fruit (Kate/Clint | Explicit | 1634 words) This conversation would be easier to have if Clint wasn't naked between her legs. Kate's sure of it. Or, Kate finds herself stuck in the middle of a Harlequin Superromance and can't quite figure out how this is her life.

What is Also True (Steve/Sam | Mature | 442 words) Winter Soldier's kills in America are even more ruthless than his other victories.

Not Comics:

Without a Cape (Political Animals: Elaine Barrish/Susan Berg | Teen and Up | 2068 words) In Susan's experience, Elaine Barrish sleeping on the plane is a rare moment. So is what happens when Elaine wakes up.

Waiting (Star Trek: TOS | Saavik, Spock, Number One, Kirk, T'Pol, Amanda Grayson | Teen and Up | 2006 words | pregnancy)Saavik waits during the months between The Search For Spock and The Voyage Home.
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