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Feb. 17th, 2013

zarabithia: (pepper potts)
Dear Rarewomen Author:

Hi! You've offered to write fic for some of my favorite women, so I already like you! I really do like each of the women that I've offered equally, so if I ramble a bit more about some than the others, it's not because I want fic about one more than the other. I really do love ALL of them.

Also, optional details are optional. I am going to ramble a LOT, because that's what I do and that's what makes it easier for me as a writer when I get someone in an exchange. But they're optional things, so feel free to ignore.

General Things to Know

Things I love: I am a shipper at heart, but I also like gen fic. I enjoy het/femslash/threesomes/moresome/kink/vanilla/whatever if you do want to go the shipper route. I also have a rather obvious agegap kink. I make no apologies for that.

Things I don't love: Although I love kink, I can't read women in a submissive role in a m/f relationship for personal reasons. I also can't read about non-canon sexual assault of female characters by male characters.

I also hate "everyone is straight or gay," especially when it manifests in characters who do canonically have love interests of a different gender. Nah, maybe they're bisexual, you know?

If you want more information on my likes and dislikes, you can feel free to check out previous dear author letters or my five acts post.

DCU - Comicverse (Iris West Allen, Nora Allen, Sue Dibny)

I really do love the post-reboot DCnU universe and if you can swing a fic about any of these ladies set during that universe, that would be great! If you can't, that's also okay! I'm good if you want to have any of these women interacting or if you're only familiar with one of them. Please feel free to have their stories feature Barry or Ralph (or both! or none of the above!) I ship all combinations of Iris/Sue/Ralph/Barry if you want to write ship fic. As for Nora, an ongoing theme this year for me is the importance of mothers, which comics often overlook for their daddy issues. I love how Nora is the utmost important person in Barry's life and how the woman that we see, especially in the DCnU, seems so incredibly awesome.

Although I prefer the DCnU, I picked women whose stories I liked in the old and new verse. I just ask that if you choose to write in the old verse, you refrain from bashing the new verse.

About the ladies I requested:

Iris: I requested Iris using Iris West Allen because of AO3 naming conventions, but I am interested in her story whether or not it includes Barry. If you want to write me a story about single Iris, that's awesome! If you want to write a story about Iris after Barry's death and living in the future, that's also awesome! If you want to write me a story about Iris interacting with other reporters in the DCU, that's also great. But if you want to write a story about Iris and Barry, that's also great! If you want to set it in the old verse, maybe tell me a story about when Iris and Barry talked about their children? Her other relationships, with Patty or her children, also fascinate me. Sue and Lois Lane are my secret ships, though I love her with Barry, too.

Nora: I've requested a lot of mothers for this year. This is primarily because I've requested comics and they do pretty badly at mothers and I want to see them done well. Tell me about her time as a mom, her affair, or even her perspective on her death. Basically, her relationship with her son is very important to me, but don't feel as though that's all you have to write about for her.

Sue: You'll probably be writing old verse Sue, but if you want to incorporate her into the new verse, that's fine. Identity Crisis makes my head hurt, but if you want to tell me the story of her dealing with those events, that would be interesting. But you absolutely don't have to tackle that! Sue has interacted with so many other characters, and if you want to write about that, or the time before she met Ralph, that would be fun too!

Iron Man: Armored Adventures (Maria Hill, Natasha Romanoff, Pepper Potts, Roberta Rhodes)

I spent about two weeks completely overdosing on this fandom. I love the characters so much on this show. I only requested four of them, but please feel free to include the others if you like! I am in love with the fact that Pepper wants to be a SHIELD agent, the fact that Black Widow is competent and playful, that Maria is obviously the hardened agent we know and love her as but also pretty compassionate towards these kids that have gotten themselves into the business, and Roberta's EVERYTHING. See my letter for more detail because otherwise I will ramble all day.

Maria: Everytime Maria was on screen during this show, I wanted to know more about her. I loved that they gave her sympathy that we didn't see during the comics as much, but it didn't actually change how kickass she was. Tell me about her interactions as an agent, how she feels about this new group of heroes, her training Pepper. I am really okay with Maria/Pepper/Natasha or any combination thereof.

Natasha: She was so much fun on this show! She always is, but I enjoyed her humor and casual go-with-the-flow attitude. I loved her self-assurance, too. If you want to ship her, I'm okay with pretty much anyone on this show.

Pepper Potts: A different Pepper than the ones I'm used to, but I enjoyed her all the same. I LOVED her desire to be a SHIELD agent, so if you want to tell me a story about that happening, I would love it. If you want to have her training under Maria or Natasha, that's great! If you're a shipper, I am good with pretty much any ship on this show. Pepper/Rhodey/Tony is my ot3, though.

Roberta Rhodes: I loved her competence and the obvious love she had for Rhodey and Tony without putting up with their shit. I also maybe shipped her with Howard a little. Tell me a story about her dealing with finding out her son is a hero or about how it felt to lose Howard when he "died". Or maybe a story about how stressful operating as an attorney is in these new, superhero times.

Marvel (Comics) (Cassandra Lang, Faith Bradley, Kate Bishop, Kate Bishop (Marvel 616), Natasha Romanoff, Peggy Carter, Rikki Barnes, Sarah Gail Bradley, Sarah Rogers, Sharon Carter)

For Marvel Comics fandom, I need to request this: please, please, please no hint of Steve/Tony. Especially following recent events in New Avengers 3, it is a major squick. I also do not wish to read Bucky/Natasha following events of Winter Soldier 14 for similar reasons. Other than that, I am good with whatever ships you want to include if you're a shipper. If you're not, that's okay, too! Rather than trying to fit all my tl;dr thoughts on these women into this space, please see my dear author letter.

I love all of these characters. If you want to write one of them, that's great! If you want to write combinations of these characters, that's great! If you want to write awesome women in the 616 that I haven't included, that is also great! If you want to write complete a/u where they can interact, that's awesome too.

Cassandra Lang: I am good for pre-death fic, fix-it fic, fic that ignores Children's Crusade entirely. I love Cassie's relationship with Kate, with her dad, Amadeus Cho, and all of her Avengers aunts and uncles. I will always see her mother and stepfather as abusive, so I would prefer fic that does not portray them in a sympathetic light.

Faith Bradley: Oh, Isaiah's story is so heartbreaking, but I love the strength that we see from Faith in that story. I want to know so much more about her. I don't care what period of her life that you set it during - whether it's as a child, during the war, during her activist years, or as her time as a grandmother. I am really curious about what Faith thought during the Superhero Registration Act nonsense.

Sarah Gail Bradley: We've seen so very little of Sarah Gail and that's one of the reasons I'm so curious about her. Most of her formative years, we only see through her parents perspective, and her current years, all we really know is that she lives in Scottsdale and her son lives with her parents until Children's Crusade happens. So fill in some of those gaps for me? Or tell me about her relationship with her brother? Or perhaps set it post-Children's Crusade and tell me about her relationship with her son?

Kate Bishop: KAAAAAATE. I talk about Kate Bishop a lot. If you want to see more of my thoughts, you can see my tumblr tag for her. But basically, I love her strength and her sass and her determination. I love that she is everything I want in a sexual assault survivor in fiction. I love that she is an equal partner in the Hawkeye comic. I love that she and Cassie kept making the YA work as a team when all the boys wanted to quit. If you want to go in a shipping direction, I ship her with Clint, any and all ladies, and Bucky. I enjoy her canon one night stand as well.

Natasha Romanoff: If you're familiar with Liu's Black Widow arc, that is my favorite Black Widow, though I enjoyed her time with Sharon in Secret Avengers, too. I love her competence as a spy, I enjoy that when she loves, she loves deeply, but she also knows when it's time to move on. Please do not write me a Bucky/Natasha or Clint/Natasha story. If you do want to write ship stuff, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers & Sharon Carter are my ships for her.

Peggy Carter: I love how different Peggy Carter is from the movie counterpart? So if you want to tell me about her time working with the French resistance, that's awesome! If you want to tell me about her time realizing that she needed to break away from being a rich American and go do something with her life, that's awesome! If you want to tell me about her memory struggles or her time as an Avenger, that's awesome! My favorite thing about Peggy is what an important Female Legacy she left behind, because that is something that we rarely get in comics. So if you want to focus on that, that's awesome!

Sharon Carter: aaaah, Sharon. I love that Sharon is part of an all female legacy. I love that she has k nown she wanted to kick ass and take names since she was a tiny baby at her aunt's knee. I love that she proposes when she feels like it. I love that she thinks a large portion of Steve's American dream stuff is crap. I love that she used to be the Director of SHIELD. Tell me a story about any part of her life - childhood, first days at SHIELD, being lost when she was assumed dead, dealing with her role as Ian's mother, anything. If you want to address the whole pregnancy storyline of Brubaker's, that's cool, too, because god knows he never did. (however, please respect that she chose to end her pregnancy - fandom does not always do this and it is annoying.) My ships for her are Steve (please do not imply in your story that it is gross or problematic, because that will make me close the tab), Sam, and Natasha.

Rikki Barnes: Sometimes I remember that Rikki is dead and I weep. I loved her so much! I think the whole living on her own thing was silly, but I would think that of all teenagers. I loved her relationship with Nat, her friendship with Eli, and her team-ups with the Young Avengers and Anya. Tell me a story about her life in this timeline or her life in the old timeline. Tell me a happily ever after where she wasn't slaughtered in a terrible story. Anything with Rikki will make me happy. If you want to write an a/u where she and Cassie and Kate and America are all on the Young Avengers team, that is awesome. If you want to go the ship route, I ship her with all the ladies. And possibly Eli. And Steve.

Sarah Rogers: Again with my mother issues, but I just love that Sarah is such an important figure in Steve's life, because all we ever see are the Thomas Waynes and Jor-Els and Uncle Bens. But! We know that Sarah believed in the importance of always getting back up. I do ask that you keep in mind that her husband is an abusive alcoholic and do not portray him in a positive light if you feature him. Otherwise, tell me any story at any point in time about Sarah and I will love it.

Push (2009): Cassie Holmes

Cassie is my favorite part of this movie. She's so certain of who she is, and so not willing to put up with Nick's shit. It's glorious. I would adore anything that deals with the ramifications of having such a strong power so early in life, fic that deals with the fact that she has to grow up pretty early. Fic where she is on the run, a/u fic where she is a beloved superhero, future fic where she is training others like her, ship fic with Nick: all of these are good things. See the dear author letter for more.

So I completely fell in love with this movie and the character. I've devoured pretty much all the fic I can with her, and I've loved all of it. My agegap kink strikes again, because I ship it with the power of a thousand suns, but only when she is older. However, the age of consent where I live (and in many places in the world) is 16, so the stories where THEY MUST WAIT UNTIL SHE IS 18!!! always make me confused, because they are pretty much fugitives and I think they have zero fucks to give. BUT you do not have to ship it, that is perfectly fine! Maybe you want to ship her with Pop Girl or Kira. That's fine too! Maybe you want to write gen shenanigans and that is fine too!

I am actually interested in the fugitive side of her lifestyle, constantly on the run. Does it take a toll or is able to roll with the flow? But maybe you want to write happier fic, and that's cool too! What's her life like when the battle is finally won?

Also, while she is likely to change her hairstyle as she grows older, please don't refer to her removing the color in her hair as a sign of growing up? Because it's ... really not.

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Beth the Waitress, Maria Stark, Peggy Carter, Private Lorraine)

Again, I would like to request no Steve/Tony in this fic. Any other pairings are perfectly okay with me in the MCU. I'd also like to request that you don't make Beth into Sharon Carter or Private Lorraine into Maria Stark. I'm interested in all of those women, but I'm not interested in erasing Beth and Lorraine's stories. I loved Beth's few minutes of time in the film, and would love to know more about her - how does the invasion affect her? What does she want to do with her life? Is she having the best sex ever with Steve? As for Maria, since we know nothing at all about her, feel free to make anything up you want, and to steal from the little that comics bother to tell us about her if you like! (Please do recognize that comics Howard and movie Howard are very different though, if you go that route.) I adored Private Lorraine's boldness and sex positive attitude. What happened to her after the war? Did she help found SHEILD too? And PEGGY. I'm perfectly okay if you want to write an a/u where Peggy has the infinity formula or a version of the super soldier serum. I am also okay if you stick with canon and want to tell me about her many adventures between 1945 and the present. For more ramblings, see my dear author letter. Also, I am unable to believe that Steve DIDN'T call her, probably immediately after the battle, because anything else makes him a dick and I can't deal with that.

Any of these women together or separately will rock my world. If you want to include other women from the MCU that I haven't requested, that will make me happy too! I am wide open for ships for these ladies, if you want to go the ship route.

Beth the Waitress: She gets a lot of hate for daring to talk to Steve, but I adore her. Tell me more about her story than just how happy she was to be saved by Captain America. Are they fucking at every opportunity? Does she write home and tell them about the alien invasion? Fill in the gaps of her character for me in any way and I will be pleased.

Maria Stark: Much as I love the Iron Man movies, I continue to be bitter that it is all Howard all the time. I want to know about Maria. This is pretty much a big, open request and you can basically do anything you want with it? Was she a scientist? Did she hate science? Why did she love Howard? Did she help form SHIELD? Was she an awesome spy and that's why none of her adventures are alllowed to be told? Anything you want for this request, go for it.

Peggy Carter: Feel free to a/u it up or feel free to stick with canon. My favorite about Peggy is when she is lecturing Steve in that movie about how you have to honor your fallen comrade's sacrifice. It tells me so much about her. If you want to stick Sharon in this verse, that's awesome, too.

Private Lorraine: I would have easily done the same in her shoes. But tell me more about her life than just the fact that she has good taste in men. Tell me what her role was in the army, did she like it? What did she do after the war? Peggy/Private Lorraine is my crack pairing of awesome (those two influencing Sharon would be pretty epic.)


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