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Jan. 1st, 2013

zarabithia: (christmas: starbucks)
Yuletide Reveals have happened! Here are the fics I wrote:

That One Special Person You Want to Annoy for the Rest of Your Life (2770 words) by zarabithia
Fandom: Hawkeye (Comics), Young Avengers, Marvel 616
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Clint Barton/Kate Bishop
Characters: Kate Bishop, Clint Barton
Summary:  Clint's sure that nobody is ever going to believe that they are a married couple. Kate just needs to be clear about which one of them is changing their last name in this fake marriage (hint: it isn't her.)

Your Limbs Are Loaded Down With Rotten Fruit (2038 words) by zarabithia
Fandom: She-Ra: Princess Of Power
Rating: Explicit
Warning: Bondage, Power Dynamics, Emotional Manipulation and Coercion
Relationships: Catra/She-Ra | Princess Adora
Characters: Catra, She-Ra | Princess Adora
Summary:  Their relationship had always been a secret. That meant Catra didn't have to explain how foolish she'd been to anyone but herself.

Making the Family Skeletons Dance (1836 words) by zarabithia
Fandom: Political Animals
Rating: Mature
Warning: Non-Explicit Underage, Twincest
Relationships: Douglas Hammond/Thomas "T.J." Hammond, Douglas Hammond/Anne Ogami
Characters: Douglas Hammond, Thomas "T.J." Hammond, Anne Ogami, Elaine Barrish
Summary:  Some people think Doug is the "good" brother. But Doug knows better.
zarabithia: (and then they had sex)
I have a challenge addiction. Putting these all on the profile page makes for a cluttered mess, so behind the cut are all the challenges I've completed.

Completed Challenges )


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